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Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris impressions

I am currently playing as a Titan (or what you might be familiar with as tank fury). Destiny 2 is a very different gameplay experience from what I have played in the past 17 years in terms of FPS games: a resume that includes Far Cry, Crysis 1/2, Doom, Half-Life 2, and Overwatch — to name a few. I am age 46, though. So I have over 35 years of gaming experience. I can say I enjoyed most of the Destiny 2 single player, except for the last boss: Ghaul.

My nigh daily gameplay consists in farming faction reputation with the Osiris followers, and Zavala. I play a lot of public events, Adventures (Daily World Quests), Patrol events, I complete challenges in the Heroic Strikes (dungeon runs) and the challenges in Nessus, EDZ, IO, Mercury, and Titan.

Destiny 2: Fall of Osiris Digital Comic

Bungie posted the Destiny 2: Fall of Osiris digital comic, a 10-page One-Shot as the origin story of the warlock Osiris. The story takes us a few years back when Osiris was the leader of the Vanguard and teacher to a young Ikora Rey. Other character cameos in this story: the Speaker and the titan named Saint-14.

It seems that the Traveler is not what the Vanguard think it is, and that the teachings of the Speaker are wrong. However, not everything is revealed in this one-shot, and the story will continue.

A One-Shot of Ikora’s origin story will be posted very soon. Keep an eye for that one too. Hopefully, that sheds some “Light” into the mystery of the Traveler, and the Vex.

You can read the digital comic here.

Destiny 2 Campaign: Fury

Asher Mir has an idea for how to deal with the Almighty. Find him in the Rupture.


Asher: Ikora tells me that Commander… Somebody… I-don’t-care… has a plan to attack the so-called Almighty. A plan unsupported by any data! However — there are remnants of an old interplanetary defense network here. We shall use it to assess the Almighty’s capabilities. Then, we will tell Za-va-la precisely why his plan is wrong! And oh, I will relish that. Meanwhile, I refuse to squander valuable research opportunities. Therefore, you shall be my assistant. Go! All this talk wastes my time.