Destiny 2 Campaign: Fury

Asher Mir has an idea for how to deal with the Almighty. Find him in the Rupture.


Asher: Ikora tells me that Commander… Somebody… I-don’t-care… has a plan to attack the so-called Almighty. A plan unsupported by any data! However — there are remnants of an old interplanetary defense network here. We shall use it to assess the Almighty’s capabilities. Then, we will tell Za-va-la precisely why his plan is wrong! And oh, I will relish that. Meanwhile, I refuse to squander valuable research opportunities. Therefore, you shall be my assistant. Go! All this talk wastes my time.


Destiny 2 Campaign: Shard of the Traveler

The Shard of the Traveler quest or mission becomes available when the player reaches level 12. At that point, the quest’s purpose is to unlock the Sub-Class which adds new abilities. One can switch back to the original class, however, from the Character gear UI.

Warning: There is no visual signs or NPCs pointing you to this quest. You find it at level 12 by looking into the FARM map. It appears as a very large Triangle on the map. When you hover it, the quest Shard of the Traveler is displayed. Click to launch the mission. Read the transcript after the break for images and guidelines, or watch the video.


Destiny 2 Campaign: Looped, Artifact’s Edge (Nessus)

Zavala: We built our home under the protection of the Traveler. When our enemies attacked, we built a wall that stood for centuries. But now walls mean nothing. This enemy has taken our home. Taken our Light. And now they threaten our very existence!

We are going all in on this… “Almighty”. How long before the Fleet’s combat ready?

Sloane: Zavala, wait–

Zavala: If we wait, we die. But if we attack together, we can take back our home, our Light… our hope. Or we die trying. Now. I need my fireteam. I need Ikora and Cayde.


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