Destiny 2 Campaign (Part 8): Hope, Secure the Control Center


Speaker: It would save us both a lot of time if you would just kill me.

Ghaul: For one who calls himself “Speaker”… you have remarkably little to say. We’ve learned that one of your Guardians has reconnected to the Light. You say you have no power over the Traveler, yet… this. Help me understand, Speaker.

Speaker: The Light lives in all places… in all things… You can block it… even try to trap it. But the Light will find its way. And the Traveler will protect itself.

Ghaul: The Traveler… For years, I have studied it… the worlds it has touched… its power over life and death. We are not so different… your Traveler and I.

Speaker: You are nothing like the Traveler. NOTHING. You think you have power. Control. I know your kind. You started small… you will end small.

Ghaul: If the Traveler truly has chosen humanity of its own free will… then there is no reason I should not reach inside… tear out the Light for myself, and leave this system in ashes!

Speaker: Only those the Traveler chooses will be reborn in the Light.

Ghaul: Yes. This I know. This is why I have claimed your planet, and why you still live. The Traveler WiLL choose me, Speaker. And you are going to tell me how.

Destiny 2 Campaign (Part 7): Combustion, Rendezvous with Hawthorne

Devrim: Welcome back. This time I did make tea for you – but I seem to have drunk it all. Perhaps if you were a mite quicker. Heh. Right. The beacon. While you were tussling with the Fallen, we’ve encountered a bit of a setback.

Hawthorne has placed the last relay on the mountain above the salt mines. But even from that height, the signal still doesn’t have the range we expected. It’s a bit curious…

Regardless, this signal booster should solve our problem, if we can get it to her. Heh. Dead Zone indeed.


Destiny 2 Campaign (Part 6): The New Frontier – Trostland, EDZ

In the Director (TAB), choose Earth. You are sent to the European Dead Zone (EDZ). The mission is to talk to Devrim Kay.



Your vision from the Traveler was true and it led you back to the Light. The camp is even safer now that you have reconnected to your power. But there are still a lot of people out there in the wild who need refuge. Help get them to the Farm.

Go meet Hawthorne’s friend Devrim by selecting the landing zone Trostland in the EDZ.


Hawthorne: Well look at you! You got your Light back. I don’t know how you did it, but I’m glad. ‘Cause we’re gonna need it. There are a lot more survivors out there. And they need our help. We gotta get the word out that the Farm is a safe haven. I sent a friend into the EDZ a few hours ago to set up a comm network. His name’s Devrim Kay. Good guy. Great shot. Don’t tell him I said that. If you give him a hand, I’d take it as a personal favor.

NEW OBJECTIVE: Speak with Devrim Kay in the EDZ.


Sayara: Don’t get cocky now that you’ve got your powers back. The EDZ is rough, especially around the old town. Just remember: refugees from the City have it a lot rougher. You want to help them, find Devrim Kay.

Hawthorne has asked you to help her friend Devrim. Find him in the ruined town of Trostland.

Devrim Kay is inside the church. After you enter the church, find the ramp to your right. He is on the third floor.


Destiny 2 Campaign (Part 5): Spark, Shard of the Traveler

After leaving the Farm, you are given a choice in the Director (pressing and holding TAB for 3 seconds). You travel near the Farm to Quarantine Sector 236, and enter an underground cavern leading you into the Blackened Forest. The mission is to find a way to the Shard of the Traveler.

Reaching the Shard of the Traveler, restores the connection between the Guardian and the Light, unlocking the Subclass talent tree.

Toward the end of the video, I get teleported back to the Farm where two new NPCs become unlocked: Tess Everis (Eververse Trading Co.) and Lord Shaxx (Crucible Handler).

Tess Everis sells Engram boxes at level 20. Engram is the equivalent of a Loot Box: “A vibrant engram containing many different customization options. Return it to Tess Everis to reveal its contents.” These can be purchased with 200 Silver.

The Bright Engram contains a small stack of shaders, armor mods, and vanity rewards.


Destiny 2 Campaign (Part 3): Adieu, Exodus

Two days after the attack, the Red Legion has taken the Lost City and the Traveler. The Guardian awakes after being pushed off the Immortal, command ship. The crash-landing knocked him out, and he is badly injured. Walking beneath the bridges along the river, the Guardian finds the Ghost companion, which heals him.

Two days later, in the city outskirts, the Guardian follows a falcon into the mountains. After a three day walk, he reaches the Twilight Gap high in the snowy mountains.

The Guardian is awaken by Suraya Hawthorne, the Farm Overseer. She takes the Guardian to The Farm, in the European Dead Zone (UDZ).


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