The Farm NPC: Suraya Hawthorne

Once a wanderer beyond the City, Suraya Hawthorne now acts as a liason between humanity and the Guardians.

Clan Steward Suraya Hawthorne: This is- hoo – a lot of civilization. For me, at least. Course, I’ve been living outside the City half my life. So. Huh. Anyway, heard you want to go poke around that busted-up hunk of Traveler. You Guardians have a weird idea of a good time.

Ah, well. Louis and I know plenty about trusting your gut. So I’m not about to stop you. I got enough to deal with here. Take that ship you flew here. At least it’lll get you back faster. See all these refugees? I haven’t lost one yet. Don’t you be my first.


      Hawthorne prefers the solitary life, choosing to live beyond the Wall. Despite this, she took charge of this camp to help the refugees of the City survive in unfamiliar and dangerous lands. She wants to help you out and offers you a ship for your journey.

      Follow your vision to the Shard of the Traveler by completing mission SPARK in the EDZ.


The Farm NPC: Gunsmith Arcite 99-40

Once a champion of the Red Jack frames, Arcite now serves Shaxx and Sahlia as an aide-de-camp. Arcite can be found at The Farm. Standing near Shaxx after you complete the mision at the Shard of the Traveler.

1. To dismantle a weapon, get near the Gunsmith and press (E) to open the UI.
2. Now hover the mouse over a weapon you are not currently using. Press and hold (F) to dismantle the weapon into Gunsmith materials.

Faction Rewards: You can buy weapons from Arcite, and you can dismantle rare or legendary gear to get Gusmith materials and earn Level 20 rewards from the Gunsmiths. You can click the engram to open a sub-menu with powerful weapons at level 15.


The Farm NPC: Tyra Karn

Tyra Karn is a historian and Cryptarch who decodes engrams and seeks the treasures of humanity’s past.


Tyra escaped the City and found refuge in this camp as well. She, too, lost her connection to the Light and learned you had a vision of the Shard. Tyra cautions you against the danger of the surrounding Dark Forest and your newfound mortality.

Take this gift from Tyra and go talk to the reluctant leader of this camp, Suraya Hawthorne.


Tyra: Oh, I’m glad to see you safe. I am Tyra, Tyra Karan- I’m sorry, have we met before? Losing my connection to the Light has been… disorienting. Now, I understand you seek the Shard of the Traveler. I, too, have dreamt of it.

It’s jagged, broken edge. A wound that never heals. But I do not trust its pull. Like us, the Shard no longer knows the Light; not since the Traveler cast it off during the Collapse. For centuries it has twisted and corrupted everything around it. Where it lies is now a place of death.

If you are determined to go, remember: we Guardians are no longer immortal.

The Farm NPC: DARBI 55-30

DARBI 55-30 — Postmaster Frames dutifully oversee deliveries, messages, and lost items. This NPC is basically the World of Warcraft equivalent of a Mailbox where you can recover lost items, and occasionally you might get Special Orders delivered.

One such deliveries found at DARBI 55-30 was the GUIDED GAMES package when you first entered The Farm.


Destiny 2 NPC Vendor: Tess Everis

Member of the Eververse Trading Co., Tess Everis is an accomplished broker of stylish and highly coveted items procured from the City and beyond. She may be found at The Farm.

Tess Everis sells Engrams (equivalent of Loot Boxes in Overwatch) for 200 Silver at level 20. Engrams contain a small stack of shaders, armor mods, and vanity rewards. Click the tabs below to access the inventory items that can randomly drop in each Engram.


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