Destiny 2 Campaign: 1AU

Find and disable the Almighty’s weapons.
Follow the fuel streams to the Almighty’s weapon systems.

Location: Starboard Landing, The Almighty



Ghost: We made it. We’re on the Almighty.

Ikora: Good. You must find the ship’s central core and disable its weapons system. Your best option will be to follow the fuel stream.

NOTE: You can snipe all the enemy units from the platform you spawn at when the mission starts. Remember that yellow canisters (fuel tanks) can be shot to trigger a wide explosion to kill nearby enemies.


Jump down and move along the blue stream of rocks.


As you walk along the path, keep an eye on a door to your left. A small team of Cabal rushes you. Shoot the yellow canister to trigger an explosion. Kill all remaining forces in this platform.


Ghost: The weapon is already active! Are we too late?

Ikora: Not yet. You need to disconnect the link between the Almighty and the sun before it disrupts the sun’s magnetic field.

Cayde-6: …And everything goes BOOM.

NOTE: At the end of the platform, jump down and then jump onto the pipe. You can snipe three Legionary that suddenly walk toward you.


Sprint, and jump across the gap to reach the next platform.


Go around, and when you walk up the ramp, quickly shoot at the Scorpius turret to your left. That will alert 5 Psion and 1 Gladiator of your presence.


Search for this computer terminal, and press E to Extend the Bridge.


The bridge begins to extend to let you walk across the fuel stream, but three VTOL ships arrive to drop Legionary, Psion, and Phalanx enemies on the bridge. Run back and take cover. The VTOLs shoot at you too. However, the VTOL fly away after dropping the Cabal forces.


WARNING: Six War Beasts charge at you. Shoot the yellow canister to kill them instantaneously.


On the bridge, there are 2 Phalanx, and 2 Incendior. When you reach the other side of the bridge, another two Phalanx and two Legionary come down the ramp. Then four Legionary and a Psion. Walk through the door.


Zavala: Our forces are moving into position outside the City walls. Your signal will start the assault.

Ghost: We’ll get the job done, Commander.


Find and disable the Almighty’s weapons
Investigate the ore tunnels

Location: Mineral Processing, The Almighty

Ghost: That tunnel over there should lead us straight to the central core.


Go inside the marked spot into the tunnel. There are two Legionary hidden inside. Then, approach the wall of rocks.


Ghost: Blocked. I bet we can get the grinders working and clear this.


Figure out how to clear the debris out of the grinder.

Press TAB to summon the Ghost Nav Mode. Go toward the computer terminal, and stand by this hologram.

Ghost: It looks like the Red Legion are using the planet Mercury as fuel.

Cayde-6: Strip mining the solar system? That’s… kind of impressive.


On the ground, near the Mercury hologram, you will see this sphere. Press E to Pick Up the Fusion Cell.


Ghost: That’s radioactive and unstable. Don’t hold onto it for too long. Looks like the Red Legion use fusion cells to power their machinery. Let’s plug it in, get this thing started.

Get to this console, in front of the Mercury hologram, and press E to insert the Fusion Cell.


The grinder’s chamber doors close, and begins grinding through the rocks. This starts an encounter event with waves of Cabal enemies coming to attack you.

Wave 1: 4 War Beasts, 2 Gladiators, and 2 Phalanx. (melee punch the Gladiators and Phalanx, use grenade against the war beasts).

Wave 2: 4 Legionary, 3 Incendior. (Shoot the Incendior’s backpack to trigger an explosion that kills nearby enemies)

Wave 3: 2 Legionary, 1 Incendior, and Purifier Vurst.

There are various yellow canisters in this chamber. Time it well so that you shoot the yellow canister when there is various Cabal enemies nearby to trigger an AOE explosion. For Purifier Vurst, use your Super Ability. He dies instantly.


Proceed through the cleared ore tunnels

Ghost: Ore tunnels are clear. We can follow the fuel to the weapon’s core. These rocks… It’s hard to believe that this is one of our planets ground up under our feet.

Ikora: Zavala, your group is in position at the City’s perimeter.

Zavala: Understood. Preparing to go radio silent. We can’t give the Red Legion any warning.


Location: Sunside, The Almighty

Cayde-6: There’s still plenty of planet left. We’ll take care of it.

Zavala: Guardian, I will do all I can to reclaim our home.

NOTE: The door opens by itself. Run away to make room to throw a grenade. Three War Beasts and 1 Legionary charge toward you.


Past the door, there is a Legionary on the left, and another Legionary in the left catwalk, and an Incendior on the right catwalk. There is another Legionary and a Gladiator hidden in the back.


Past the door, you will see the sunlight through a window.


Cross the Almighty’s deck and stay behind cover to avoid damaging solar exposure.

Ghost: Sooo… the only way to get where we’re going is — out there. We can do this.

NOTE: The door opens to the unshielded outdoor — meaning you are in direct contact with the solar flares. This do damage over time to your Guardian. Hit SPRINT and reach the shadow areas — where you can stop for a few seconds to heal to full health.

Ghost: Stay in the shadows. The shadows!


Run toward the shadow, and once you are safe, shoot these two Legionary.


Wait until you are full Health. Stay there. Use your rifle’s scope to look to the north. Four Legionary are marching toward you. Now run to the next Shadow-casting area in the middle. Heal to full, then run to the next shadows by the wall at the end of the image shown below.


As you reach this shadows area, don’t shoot. Throw a grenade to kill both Legionary instantly, and take cover.


Immediately, use your rifle’s scope and shoot 5 Legionary before running to the next shadows area.


This area is smaller, so you need to press the CROUCH button to avoid being exposed to the solar flares. Heal to full, and SPRINT toward the door.


Exit the chamber.

Ikora: It’s time for me to go, Guardian. You know your path. You don’t need our guidance anymore. If my journey ends today, then I face it gladly.


NOTE: Use your rifle’s scope to zoom. There are two Psion snipers in the distance. Shoot the yellow canister to trigger an explosion that kills the Psion at the bottom. Shoot the Psion at the top.


WARNING: A Gladiator and 3 War Beasts become aware of your presence and charge toward you. Jump on the machinery at the center of the chamber. They can’t climb, and they are not shooters. Two Incendiors come as well. Shoot at their backpack to trigger an explosion.


More Gladiators and War Beasts come into the chamber. Stay on high ground and snipe them. Once all are dead, head to the top of the stairs.


Turn around, and look up. Jump on the high platform. You will notice it is a spiral-shaped platform you need to jump to climb to the top of the shaft.


Fight your way down the tunnel.

NOTE: At the top, there are two Legionary and one Phalanx, hidden to the right. Shoot the yellow canister in the middle of the room, and they will come toward you from their hide out.


The hideout turns to be another tunnel. A Gladiator charges toward you, and behind him two Legionary and 1 Phalanx. Throw a grenade at them.


As soon as you reach the middle of the tunnel, another Gladiator charges toward you, followed by a Phalanx, and two Legionary. At the end of the tunnel, turn left.

Cayde-6: Hey, Hawthorne says we’re reaching our insertion point. And I’m not big on goodbye scenes. So you do… what you gotta do. Make it out alive, OK? I need someone who gets my jokes.


NOTE: After the yellow door, you reach the objective. This huge chamber has several enemy units heading toward you. Good part is you can snipe them before they reach you. However, be careful on your right side — they can flank you easier than those coming from the left.


Ghost: See those tubes? That’s how we get to the weapon core.

NOTE: I counted 26 kills including a yellow-bar elite: Bruiser Thurn — who can be found at the back-left of the chamber.


Use the energy stream to reach the Almighty’s weapon systems

NOTE: Once the room is clear, go all the way in the back of the chamber — on the right side. You have to enter the swirling portal.


Ghost: Here goes nothing!


When you emerge from the energy stream, walk toward the hole in the yellow hue area marked onscreen.


Location: Light’s End

Ghost: Interceptors! It’s like they’re begging us to blow this place up.

NOTE: Open the door. Kill the two Legionary. Then the Elector Controller. Now hop on the Interceptor by pressing E to Hijack it. Start shooting stuff. At the end of the tunnel, turn to the door to the left.


Ghost: Wow. That’s … wow. The thermal exchangers. Take them out, and the weapon will overheat!

Sabotage the Almighty’s weapon systems
Shoot the cooling vents to overheat the Almighty’s weapon systems

Ghost: The vents are blocking our shots! Wait for them to open!

NOTE: Wait for the thermal exchanger to open its protective doors — then it becomes vulnerable to the Interceptor’s blasts.


Ghost: That’s one!


NOTE: Turn right and head toward the bridge (seen at the top-right in the image below). Go past the bridge. Here you will be attacked by several enemies. Line up before the thermal exchanger, and destroy it when the vent doors open.


Ghost: That’s two. Last one should be ventilating the core.

NOTE: Turn around to your left. You will see a small bridge. Go to the marked icon. There is a hidden thermal exchanger. More enemy units flank you from the right — after you cross the bridge. If your interceptor vehicle is about to explode, press END to exit the vehicle. Go toward one of the pads with an icon at the beginning of the bridge and press E to summon a new Interceptor vehicle.


Approach the door to the third thermal exchanger, and shoot it.


Ghost: Temperature levels are rising, but it’s not enough. We need to disrupt the core itself.


Search for a way to permanently sabotage the Almighty’s weapon systems

NOTE: Press END to exit the Interceptor vehicle. Walk inside the last thermal exchanger — and go to the right path. There is a narrow tunnel that leads you to your next target. On the ground, you will see a Fusion Cell. Press E to pick it up.


Ghost: A fusion cell! We’ll use that to overload the electron reservoir.


Deliver the final blow to the Almighty’s weapon systems
Use the fusion cell to disable the Almighty’s weapon systems

NOTE: Climb all the way up this ramp. Careful with the orange stripes on the ground when you get up there. Those do damage over time while you are on it. Use sprint.


At the top, there are two long tunnels with the orange stripes. Press SPRINT to run fast through it. You will be damaged, but will survive.


Now press E when you reach the blue hole marked in the image below. That’s the objective.


Escape the Almighty
0:59 seconds

Ghost: I’m bringing the ship around! Run!

NOTE: Climb up to high ground, and start running like a sissy. Timer is running, and don’t forget you are running toward the solar flares which means you are taking damage over time. Hide where there are shadows, and wait until you heal to full. Then resume running toward the end. Always making stops by shadows to heal when required.


Ghost: Zavala, the weapon is destroyed! Start the attack!

NOTE: Be extremely careful not to run on these orange stripes. Those are holes, and you will get stuck until you jump off them. That means taking additional damage on top of the solar flare exposure’s damage-over-time. As soon as you see these on the ground, jump forward to avoid them. There are two of these holes, one after the next.


Your goal is to reach the ship at the end.


Ghost: We’re done here. Let’s go home.



Cayde-6: Hey! That’s a good job, Colonel.

Hawthorne: What’s that now, seven in a row?

Cayde-6: Ehh, who needs the Light when you’ve got a fine-feathered friend by your side? Am I right? Am I right or am I right? I’m right. OK. Yeah. That’s the rally point where I’ll set up the teleporter. Zavala and Ikora should be at their marks by now.

Hawthorne: Zavala, we’re in position.

Zavala: As are we. Ikora, ready when you are.

Ikora: Copy. Fire in the hole.

Hawthorne: OK, let’s go!

Ikora: Zavala, we’re coming around.


Hawthorne: What’s with you Guardians falling down all the time?

Zavala: Where’s Cayde?

Hawthorne: If he’s sticking to the plan… he’s right where he needs to be. Now we just gotta get you and Ikora up there with him.

(force field is enabled by the Red Legion)

Hawthorne: Well, this changes things. I’ll work on this, you need to get moving!

Zavala: Ikora — Cayde is in place and I’m en route. Good luck… Guardian.


1. Homecoming, The Last City2. Immortal, Command Ship
3. Adieu, Exodus4. The Farm (NPC Exploration)
5. Spark, Shard of the Traveler6. The New Frontier – Trostland
7. Combustion, Salt Mines
8. Shard of the TravelerClick the TITAN tab to continue
17. Payback18. Unbroken
19. Larceny20. 1AU
12. Looped, Artifact's Edge13. Six, Exodus Black
14. FailsafeClick the IO Tab to Continue
15. Sacrilege16. FuryPRESS THE EARTH TAB TO CONTINUE: #17

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