Destiny 2 Campaign: Fury

Asher Mir has an idea for how to deal with the Almighty. Find him in the Rupture.


Asher: Ikora tells me that Commander… Somebody… I-don’t-care… has a plan to attack the so-called Almighty. A plan unsupported by any data! However — there are remnants of an old interplanetary defense network here. We shall use it to assess the Almighty’s capabilities. Then, we will tell Za-va-la precisely why his plan is wrong! And oh, I will relish that. Meanwhile, I refuse to squander valuable research opportunities. Therefore, you shall be my assistant. Go! All this talk wastes my time.




Asher: We don’t know enough about the Red Legion’s flagship, the Almighty. Asher Mir believes that by gaining access to the Golden Age Warmind Network, we coulld retrieve important data to improve the odds of victory. Choose your exotic gear and find out the Almighty’s weakness by completing mission FURY.


The Rupture, Echo Mesa

Help Ikora use the Warmind on io to learn more about the Almighty — and turn the tide of the war.


Complete mission “Fury” on io.
Locate the Warmind Vault.


Travel to the Red Legion’s primary drill site.


Location: Giant’s Scar

Ikora: As we all know, Zavala plans to attack the Almighty.

Asher: Typical Titan idiocy. I’m sure he thought, “Ah, Ghaul has a sun-destroyer? I don’t need a plan! I’ll simply headbutt it!”

Ikora: It’s desperation, Asher. Zavala has forgotten he might die his final death. Head toward the heart of the energy mining operation, Guardian. We’ll use a Warmind, part of an interplanetary defense network, to scan the Almighty.


Ghost: I think we are close, but so are the Taken, Vex, too.

Asher: Pay them no heed, assistant. You and I can deal with them later.

NOTE: The entrance is through the left-most ramp. Don’t interrupt the Vex vs Taken battle.


Ghost: Ikora, we foound another drill. This one’s big. Really big.

Ikora: Good. That drill pierced an entrance to the Warmind Vault. The scanner’s inside.

The first image below: After going past this door, turn to the left and move toward the window.


Ghost: Gotcha. Let’s find the drill controls and get it out of the way.

NOTE: Behind you, Goblins and Minotaur start marching toward you. Take cover. The Minotaur project a shield barrier around them. You can melee-punch the shield to destroy it, or throw a grenade, or you can use the Super Ability to kill them quick.


The next room has more Goblin and minotaur. First, Kill the Hobgoblin sniping you from the high-ground platform.


Enter the Warmind Vault
Activate the drill to reveal an entrance to the Warmind Vault

NOTE: Press E at the computer terminal to Power On.


Ghost: We’ve got the power going, but the drill is still in our way.

Asher: Ha! What a gloriously irritating commitment to safety standards.

Ikora: There has to be a manual override somewhere in that base.


Search for a terminal to override the drill’s controls.

Asher: I find it incredible that those myopic Red Legion ignorami did not realize they were drilling directly into a Warmind vault.

Ikora: Stranger things happen every day.

Asher: I’m detecting a spike in paracausal energy. Sterile neutrino particles have quintupled.

Ikora: He means watch out for the Taken. You should hire a translator, Asher.


Location: Excavation Site II

NOTE: In this room you will find Taken Goblin, and Taken Centurion. Beware the Centurion’s dark orbs. Those chase you until they detonate. Use the barricades to shield you from its explosion.


Go through the door leading to a long ramp. Upstairs, a dimensional rift opens to spawn a Taken Phalanx. These have energy-shields that make them immune to damage. If they have a shield, make them follow you, and as soon as they stack together, throw a grenade; or shoot from afar aiming at their legs. If you get too close to them, they emit a knockback shockwave.


Going up the ramp, you will find a Minotaur. When he dies, a mini-event starts where dimensional rifts spawn a wave of Taken Goblin, Phalanx, and Minotaur.


Ghost: Nice work. Let’s find that override.

NOTE: Press TAB for the Ghost Nav. You have to jump to climb to where the computer terminal is hidden at. Press E to Override Drill Controls.


Ghost: I think we’ve got the drill going.

Asher: Good! Return to the drill site and get into the Warmind Vault. I am eager to discredit Vuvuzela’s plan to attack the Almighty.


Return to the drill site to enter the Warmind Vault.

NOTE: Go through the long corridor. At the end, there is a deep elevator shaft. Jump down, and slow down your descent.


Coming out of the elevator shaft, dimensional rifts spawn Shadow Thralls, and a Taken Wizard.


Beyond that room, you will find a battle between Taken Phalanx, Taken Psion, and Taken Wizard vs Vex Hydra and Harpy. You can either shoot them, or ignore them and go through them. They won’t attack unless some are not in combat. For the Hydra, wait until their rotating shield’s opening faces you to shoot their head.


Ghost: So… What’s a Warmind, exactly?

Ikora: It’s a kind of artificial intelligence designed to defend humanity against the unknown.


Location: Giant’s Scar

Ghost: Whoa. The drill’s on.

Asher: What? Lift it up, before it collapses the Warmind Vault!


On the other side of the valley, go to the computer terminal, and press E to Lift Drill.


Ghost: Ha — finally! Let’s find that Warmind.

NOTE: A bunch of Taken spawn behind the computer terminal. Two Taken Centurion, four Taken Psion, and one Taken Wizard. On the far left, there are four more Psion. On the far right, two Goblin.


NOTE: Move toward the hole digged by the drill. But don’t jump. Analyze before jumping down. There is a risk to die automatically if you land at the bottom.


Use the Warmind Network to scan the Almighty
Enter the Warmind Vault and search for the Warmind mainframe

Ghost: Asher, Ikora, we’re on our way into the Vault.

NOTE: Jump down about 6 feet on the side ledge of the hole. Stop. There are two misleading options: The white-blue bottom and a dark hole on the wall. Both will kill you instantly. Turn around and walk toward the green-hued rock. There is a opening there leading into the Warmind Network base.


This screenshot shows best where your destination is.


Location: Warmind Vault JYS-2

Asher: This will be rich. I will ask Zavala, “Can you tell me, in zettajoules, the Almighty’s expected destructive capacity?” And he will say, “No, Asher, I cannot, because I am a reckless fool!”

Ikora: Ignore Asher. Find the Warmind, reconnect it to the network, and we’ll handle the rest.

NOTE: The next room has 8 Taken Hobgoblin and a Taken Minotaur. Go upstairs and kill the remaining Goblins. Then turn right, and that leads to a large chamber where the Warmind Mainframe is located.


At the center, jump down and press E next to the computer terminal to activate Mainframe. This starts a tough boss event.


Ghost: Reconnecting to the Warmind network to begin a remote scan…

Ikora: Yes, we can see the connection coming online.

Ghost: Hang on, we’ve got Taken.

NOTE: Dimensional Rifts open around the computer terminal. An elite Modular Sigma, and the boss Modular Upsilon. Get out of the terminal, and take cover. There is a tunnel where you can hide, and there are several obstacles and rooms you can hide for cover while you heal.


The boss most of the times remain invisible, but you can see the shimmer of his silhouette. Looks like water waves


This can be a heavy fight because he continuously summons a Modular Sigma, a couple of Taken Centurion, and sometimes Goblins or Psions. The Centurion shoots the dark orb missile that chases you until it explodes on contact. So you will have to do a lot of hit and run. Kill centurions first, always.


You can shoot the boss from these different angles that shield you from his gunfire.



Ghost: Ahh. How’s the scan going?

Asher: Poorly. The Almighty is inextricably bound to the harmonic resonance of the sun’s magnetic flux tubes.

Ghost: What?

Zavala: If Zavala blows up the Almighty, it’ll take the sun with it. It’s time I rejoined my fireteam.



Ghaul: Tell me again, Speaker. What makes your Guardians worthy of the Light? What is the price of such power and immortality?

Speaker: Devotion. Self-sacrifice. Death.

Ghaul: Death. Explain.

Speaker: Devotion inspires bravery. Bravery inspires sacrifice. Sacrifice… leads to death. So… feel free to kill yourself.

Ghaul: Hmm. Devotion. Sacrifice. I was born an outcast. A runt. As is custom with the Cabal, I was cast aside and left for dead. I was taken in by an old scholar, himself disgraced… who saw in me something… redeemable. He raised me. Taught me. Trained me. And in return, I would become a vehicle for his revenge… against an empire that failed him, that failed itself. Rejection, ridicule, torment… it made me stronger. I gave everything to win not just acceptance… but glory. Beneath my mask, Speaker, is the face of devotion and sacrifice. I will not take the Light by force. To do so would be to admit failure… and I never fail! Now, do you see why I would be chosen?

Speaker: I see now. I see all that you have done.

Commander: Our operation on the Jovian moon was a success. Once the cage is complete… we will have everything we need to begin the process of extracting the Light. Dominus. Everything we’ve worked for is here… for the taking! All that remains is your word.

Ghaul: No. This is not the way. Old friend…

Commander: But it is the way! The only way.

Ghaul: Not for me.


1. Homecoming, The Last City2. Immortal, Command Ship
3. Adieu, Exodus4. The Farm (NPC Exploration)
5. Spark, Shard of the Traveler6. The New Frontier – Trostland
7. Combustion, Salt Mines
8. Shard of the TravelerClick the TITAN tab to continue
17. Payback18. Unbroken
19. Larceny20. 1AU
12. Looped, Artifact's Edge13. Six, Exodus Black
14. FailsafeClick the IO Tab to Continue
15. Sacrilege16. FuryPRESS THE EARTH TAB TO CONTINUE: #17

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