Destiny 2 Campaign (Part 19): Larceny

You spawn outside the Red Legion cruiser in the Sunken Isles. Press TAB to open the Ghost Nav Mode. You must head toward the Red Legion icon on your left.


Before you enter the facility, to your left are two Legionary and two Psion.


Enter the facility. There is a Phalanx, a Psion, and two Legionary. Punch the Phalanx behind his shield, or drop a grenade on him.


On the right side of the ramp, you will find the Red Legion flag that starts the new mission. Press E to start the mission.


Steal Thumos’s ship
Break into the Red Legion base and steal the personal shuttle of Thumos the no-longer-Unbroken.


Breach the Cabal base and search for Thumos’s ship.


Ikora: Thumos, the Unbroken has a ship in that base. It’s the only way we can get you onto the Almighty undetected. So you are going to steal it.

Cayde-6: News flash, folks: the Fallen are on the move. Seems they didn’t learn their lesson the first time. Those scavaging vultures, those Fallen. Always turn up when you don’t want them. Kinda like a Warlock when you’re… uh…

Ikora: Go on.

Cayde-6: I think — no — I’m… I’m done.

NOTE: There is a battle between Red Legion Legionary and Fallen Dreg. Shoot them while they are busy.


On the left, around the corner, you will see three Legionary on a bridge. Shoot the yellow canister. It is going to explode.


Behind the bridge, there are a couple of Legionary too busy shooting four Fallen Shank (flyers). Kill them. Up the ramp, there are two Phalanx, an Incendior (flamethrower), and a Legionary. Shoot the Incendior’s backpack to cause an explosion that will kill the adjacent Phalanx.


Go up the ramp and walk toward the next room.


Ghost: There’s only one ship left on the landing pads.

Ikora: That must be Thumos’s ship. Get to it before it’s too late!


Turn left, but careful at the end of that corridor. By the corner, you will see two Scorpius. These are stationary motion-sensing turrets.


Fight your way toward Thumos’s ship

NOTE: When the door behind them opens, shoot a single Legionary. However, as you enter the room you will be attacked by Fallen Dreg, a Fallen Vandal and a few Shank (flyers). Don’t rush in. There are more units here than what you initially see (hidden from view). Use the pillar for cover, and shoot them one by one. There are 4 Shanks, 2 Dregs, and 1 Vandal.


After the yellow force field room, by the ramp, more Fallen come in. Go to the pillar to your right for cover. Snipe them one by one. There are 6 Dregs, 6 Vandals, 2 Shank, and a yellow-bar elite named Teleks-5 (a Fallen servitor). Avoid his purple energy missile. He also drops gear loot. For me it was a helmet.


Once all of these Fallen die, press TAB for the Ghost Nav Mode. Get near the door for it to auto-open, but beware the two-axe-wielding Gladiator that greets you alongside two Incendior and two Phalanx. Go super ability on them.


After they die, be careful moving into the next room. High ground: there are two Scorpius turrets (one on the left and one on the right), plus two Psion. Shoot the yellow canister to trigger an explosion to kill the Psion.


The back of the room, past the bridge, has two Psion and one Scorpius turret on the left and right. Only one can shoot you, as the other one is out of view. However, the turret on the right is hiding four Psion and a pack of six War Beasts that quickly charge toward you. Throw a grenade so all die at once.


Go through this door that leads into the outdoor hangar bay. Beware the Scorpius turret far in the back, and there are 8 Legionary in the hangar.


Ghost: The way’s clear. Now let me at Thumos’s ship!

Cayde-6: Great! This is the part where you “borrow” it.


Use the stolen key codes
Deploy Ghost to unlock Thumos’s ship

Location: Legion’s Anchor

Go around from the left, and walk through the platform bridges until you reach the Ship.


Go to the other side of the ship. There is a keypad on the left side of the door. Press E to Hijack ship.


WARNING: Prepare for a very intense event with waves of Red Legion enemies coming toward you.

Ghost: Cover me. I need to figure out how this works.

Ikora: Protect that ship!


Protect the ship at all costs

Careful here. These don’t follow the rule of going around through the bridges. These jump across the void and land straight into your hangar pad.

First wave: 6 Legionary, 4 War Beast, 2 Gladiator. Watch for two Psion that flank you from behind when the Vtol lands.

Second wave: A VTol drops 8 Legionary, and 2 Phalanx. You will have to cross the bridge to reach them, because they extend their shield wide to protect the Legionary. Use your Super Ability to wreck them.


Cayde-6: I don’t hear dying! Still in one piece?

Ikora: Unlike someone I know, they can handle hostile technology.

Cayde-6: Hey! That teleporter was all… Vex-y and stuff.

NOTE: It is not over. When you approach Thumos’s ship, more come from above that ship, and a few come from the facility to flank you: 6 Psion, 5 Incendior,

Ghost: The key codes work! Finish them off and get on board!

NOTE: It is not over… a mini-boss comes in: Enforcer Rusk. Throw a grenade at him, and shoot him while he is stunned. That will knock half his Health. Finish him off with Super Ability, or run across the bridge and shoot him from afar (taking cover behind the barricades).


Steal Thumos’s ship

NOTE: Walk behind the ship, where you entered the key code. Before you get there, the screen goes black, and a cinematic plays.



Ikora: Our plan relies on you. Destroy the Almighty’s weapons. End the threat to our world.

Cayde-6: And while you’re doing that, we’ll get in position for the final run on the City. It’s time for Ghaul’s last dance.



Ghost: Zavala’s troops are already getting into position around the City. But they can’t attack until we shut this thing down. So. Ready when you are, partner.


1. Homecoming, The Last City2. Immortal, Command Ship
3. Adieu, Exodus4. The Farm (NPC Exploration)
5. Spark, Shard of the Traveler6. The New Frontier – Trostland
7. Combustion, Salt Mines
8. Shard of the TravelerClick the TITAN tab to continue
17. Payback18. Unbroken
19. Larceny20. 1AU
12. Looped, Artifact's Edge13. Six, Exodus Black
14. FailsafeClick the IO Tab to Continue
15. Sacrilege16. FuryPRESS THE EARTH TAB TO CONTINUE: #17

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