Destiny 2 Campaign (Part 3): Adieu, Exodus

Two days after the attack, the Red Legion has taken the Lost City and the Traveler. The Guardian awakes after being pushed off the Immortal, command ship. The crash-landing knocked him out, and he is badly injured. Walking beneath the bridges along the river, the Guardian finds the Ghost companion, which heals him.

Two days later, in the city outskirts, the Guardian follows a falcon into the mountains. After a three day walk, he reaches the Twilight Gap high in the snowy mountains.

The Guardian is awaken by Suraya Hawthorne, the Farm Overseer. She takes the Guardian to The Farm, in the European Dead Zone (UDZ).




The Last City: Two days after the attack.


The Guardian awakes from a two-day coma after falling from the Immortal command ship — courtesy of Ghaul’s kick to the face.

The Guardian moves very slow and there is no Ghost to point which direction you should go. Your weapon is disabled and damaged. As soon as your Guardian spawns move forward until you reach the river.

You will see a lot of Red Legion troops movement, but they won’t attack. Ignore them.

Then walk beneath the bridge and continue walking along the river until you find the Ghost. Takes around 3 minutes of slo-mo walk.The Ghost will heal you.


Ghost: Guardian!!! This is awful… awful! This can’t be happening… Guardian…? You’re alive… I thought I’d lost you. I can heal you, but I can’t resurrect you. Not since… Guardian… the Light is gone. The’ve taken the City, the Traveler, everything… The Red Legion is killing powerless Guardians. We have to get out of here.


Continue going along the river to the end. Climb the retaining wall ahead, and turn right.


Go uphill. Above the hill, there is a hole on the wall (to the left). Fire on the corner will light up the hole on the wall.


NOTE: That hole takes you down into a short caved-in area, then you climb uphill to the exit.


NOTE: At the exit, you reach the country side. Keep walking into the trees. The screen will go black. That part of the story is completed.

Ghost: I’m picking up an emergency broadcast. Rendezvous coordinates. They’re evacuating the planet. We’re on our own…


Four days after the attack.

The Guardian spawns in a mountain landscape. A falcon is sitting on a rock. Your mission is to walk in the direction of the falcon.


Eventually, you will come up to a Guardian camp with all Guardians dead.

Ghost: These Guardians… They had no chance without their powers. That could be us… Guardian – if you die… I can’t resurrect you. We need to be careful.


As you walk through the camp, you will notice a diamond mark on the ground. Next to a corpse, you will see a Submachine Gun. Press (E) to pick it up the Sorrow MG2 (Energy weapon).


NOTE: Immediately this turns into a Restricted Zone: Your Ghost cannot resurrect you here. Take caution. Waves of War Beasts start attacking you. These look like Felbeasts (World of Warcraft). Among them is an elite Honored War Beast. You can jump backwards while shooting them down in the air. Expect 10 War Beasts plus the Honored War Beast (Elite).


NEW OBJECTIVE: Follow your vision.

NOTE: Pressing TAB won’t give you info on where to go, but you can see the falcon flying in the distance. Move toward it. Just keep moving forward away from the camp into the snow-covered rocks. You will notice a path. Keep walking through. As you reach the top of that path, the screen goes black again.


One week after the attack

NOTE: Your Guardian now spawns at the top of the heavily snow-covered mountain.

Ghost: It’s that falcon again. Is it following us…? … or are we following it?

NOTE: Go in the direction the falcon flew through. At the end of the rocky corridor you will come up to a sort of crossroad at the edge of the top of the mountain. Head to the narrow path to the right (going uphill).


There will be a beautiful eye-candy landscape view of The Last City (ablaze with lots of smoke rising into the sky), and The Traveler far in the distance. But don’t get too distracted. Hug the wall and keep walking through the narrow path. It’s a long fall otherwise.


Reaching the top, you will see the falcon again. Wait until it flies away to get your bearing on what direction to go down the hill.


As the ground turns from white snow to brown dirt, make a direction change toward your left and follow the brown-dirt path.


Eventually you will reach a spot that is high-ground, and you jump down to lower-ground. This is the spot where you should jump back up in a few seconds. Remember: If you die, the Ghost won’t be able to resurrect you. You would respawn all the way at the beginning


Jump down and move toward the rock at the center. A Legionary will quickly move atop that rock, and waves of War Beasts start pouring in after you. As soon as you see the Legionary, kill him asap, run back and jump atop the high-ground. The War Beasts won’t be able to reach you, and you can safely shoot them down from afar. There will be 12 War Beasts in total in this area.


Once all are dead, continue walking along the brown-dirt path. Eventually, you reach a dead end on the side of the mountain, watching down into a landscape. You need to jump down on the right side of the cliff.


Stick to the wall to the right. Around the corner you will see a log serving as a bridge. If you don’t feel confident on crossing the bridge, to the right there is a path that allows you to walk around the gap.


Going past the gap there is a few feet of narrow path next to the right wall, and then you come across another dead end, where you look down to a patch of low-ground. Jump down to it, and then jump across the chasm to the other side of the mountain.


You will now see a diamond mark targeting your destination, and the falcon awaiting you next to the diamond mark. You need to jump across the next chasm, but for whatever reason you will fall. The screen goes black.



Suraya Hawthorne: Oh look, somebody left a perfectly good Guardian lying around. Things must be worse than I thought. (explosion heard in the distance) And that’s our cue. Time to go, people!

Ghost: Ah, but… Wait! Where… where are you all going?

Suraya Hawthorne: As far away from here as possible.

Ghost: That falcon… it belongs to you?

Suraya Hawthorne: The name’s Hawthorne. And this is Lous. Best pilot we got. What about you? Fit to fly? Probably gonna need one of these, too (throws a weapon at you). Time to make yourself useful. “Guardian.” All right people, spin ’em up! Got a long flight ahead of us!



Ghaul: Do you see, Traveler… all that I have done. Grace me with your Light. Take your place at the center of my empire! See me, and the Red Legion will be your true Guardians.

General: Dominus! The city is secure. Those who fled are being hunted… and those foolish enough to remain have been executed. Victory, as with all things, is yours to claim.

Ghaul: This victory is as much yours as mine, old friend.

General: All that remains is the completion of the cage around this great machine. Then we may begin the extraction of its power and put it to its rightful use.

Ghaul: They call it the Traveler.

General: I would contend that other civilizations may be more precise in their naming. Its functions can be controlled and exploited… as we have so clearly proven.

Ghaul: Yet they believe it to be a god.

General: Dominus. Ghaul. We have spent our lives, you and I, working to reshape our society… reforge our people… rebuild an empire nearly destroyed by Calus’s greed and corruption. There is nothing in this universe greater than you! The Red Legion will have that machine’s power. You will be called Emperor! What more would the Dominus have?

Ghaul: I would have words with my guest. So, you’re the one who speaks for the Traveler.



1. Homecoming, The Last City2. Immortal, Command Ship
3. Adieu, Exodus4. The Farm (NPC Exploration)
5. Spark, Shard of the Traveler6. The New Frontier – Trostland
7. Combustion, Salt Mines
8. Shard of the TravelerClick the TITAN tab to continue
17. Payback18. Unbroken
19. Larceny20. 1AU
12. Looped, Artifact's Edge13. Six, Exodus Black
14. FailsafeClick the IO Tab to Continue
15. Sacrilege16. FuryPRESS THE EARTH TAB TO CONTINUE: #17

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