Destiny 2 Campaign (Part 6): The New Frontier – Trostland, EDZ

In the Director (TAB), choose Earth. You are sent to the European Dead Zone (EDZ). The mission is to talk to Devrim Kay.



Your vision from the Traveler was true and it led you back to the Light. The camp is even safer now that you have reconnected to your power. But there are still a lot of people out there in the wild who need refuge. Help get them to the Farm.

Go meet Hawthorne’s friend Devrim by selecting the landing zone Trostland in the EDZ.


Hawthorne: Well look at you! You got your Light back. I don’t know how you did it, but I’m glad. ‘Cause we’re gonna need it. There are a lot more survivors out there. And they need our help. We gotta get the word out that the Farm is a safe haven. I sent a friend into the EDZ a few hours ago to set up a comm network. His name’s Devrim Kay. Good guy. Great shot. Don’t tell him I said that. If you give him a hand, I’d take it as a personal favor.

NEW OBJECTIVE: Speak with Devrim Kay in the EDZ.


Sayara: Don’t get cocky now that you’ve got your powers back. The EDZ is rough, especially around the old town. Just remember: refugees from the City have it a lot rougher. You want to help them, find Devrim Kay.

Hawthorne has asked you to help her friend Devrim. Find him in the ruined town of Trostland.

Devrim Kay is inside the church. After you enter the church, find the ramp to your right. He is on the third floor.


      Devrim: A guest. And here I have no tea to serve. These are dire times indeed.

      Devrim Kay – the Eight – at your service. City militia, back when there was a City.

      Now I serve at the pleasure of my dear friend Suraya Hawthorne. Heh.

      First on the docket: contact other refugees and tell them of the Farm. That means building a comm network from the ground up.

      And even though I happen to be a damn good shot, the Fallen are giving me a devil of a time.

      I dare say, you can handle a few rounds with the enemy. I’ve seen what Guardians can do.

      Right. I think it’s time to let the guns do the talking now, don’t you?

Explore the European Dead Zone as Devrim provides support from the church. First objective is to find the banner near the church entrance, and click it by pressing (E).


Ghost: This is a Fallen House sigil. I don’t recognize it, though.

Devrim: Nor I. The Fallen seem to have put this up as something of a threat. I imagine you’ll find lots of objects like this out there with a bit of a story to them. We both need some supplies to get going out here. See if you find a cache in one of the buildings nearby.


Note: Press TAB to let the Ghost show you the destination. There is a Loot Chest on the second floor of the building to the east.


Devrim: Very well done. To survive we’ll have to look for every opportunity. Keep your eyes peeled for more supplies in the wilds.

Speaking of the wilds, there’s a symbol on the wall of the church. Take a look.


Ghost: Devrim, where did this symbol come from?

Devrim: I believe your City Hunters must have put them here and there about the region as they scouted around. I think they meant it to mark something special. Or dangerous.

Ghost: Or both. Let’s go check it out.


Devrim: This history of this region is fascinating. I believe tunnels and caves like the one you’re in now stretch all across the EDZ. Who knows what’s lurking down there. Be careful.


Location: Atrium, Lost Sector


Ghost: I just snagged a keycode from that Captain, I think I can open his supply cache!


Devrim: Good work down there, you two. Keep an eye out for other hidey holes and treasures like this one. But that’s for another day. In the meantime what say we get down to business? Come on back up to the church tower. I’m putting a kettle off now.

NOTE: Press TAB for 3 sec to open the map. Click the white marker to teleport to the Church. Go up the ramp to meet with Devrim Kay.


Devrim: Welcome back. This time I did make tea for you – but I seem to have drunk it all. Perhaps if you were a mite quicker. Heh. Right. The beacon. While you were tussling with the Fallen, we’ve encountered a bit of a setback.

Hawthorne has placed the last relay on the mountain above the salt mines. But even from that height, the signal still doesn’t have the range we expected. It’s a bit curious…

Regardless, this signal booster should solve our problem, if we can get it to her. Heh. Dead Zone indeed.


New Activities unlocked.




1. Homecoming, The Last City2. Immortal, Command Ship
3. Adieu, Exodus4. The Farm (NPC Exploration)
5. Spark, Shard of the Traveler6. The New Frontier – Trostland
7. Combustion, Salt Mines
8. Shard of the TravelerClick the TITAN tab to continue
17. Payback18. Unbroken
19. Larceny20. 1AU
12. Looped, Artifact's Edge13. Six, Exodus Black
14. FailsafeClick the IO Tab to Continue
15. Sacrilege16. FuryPRESS THE EARTH TAB TO CONTINUE: #17

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