Destiny 2 Campaign (Part 7): Combustion, Rendezvous with Hawthorne

Devrim: Welcome back. This time I did make tea for you – but I seem to have drunk it all. Perhaps if you were a mite quicker. Heh. Right. The beacon. While you were tussling with the Fallen, we’ve encountered a bit of a setback.

Hawthorne has placed the last relay on the mountain above the salt mines. But even from that height, the signal still doesn’t have the range we expected. It’s a bit curious…

Regardless, this signal booster should solve our problem, if we can get it to her. Heh. Dead Zone indeed.


NOTE: Press the TAB to activate the Ghost. He will mark your destination.


Hawthorne: Hey, Dev. I’m still sitting up here above the mines with this busted comm relay. Where’s that signal booster?


Location: Salt Mines

Devrim: Our new Guardian friend is en route. I’m getting too old to clean up after you, Suraya.

Hawthorne: Finally! He admits he’s old. Hahaha! Bail me out on one assault charge and you never let me live it down.

Devrim: Aww, don’t you mean one a week? You’re the reason my hair is gray.

Hawthorne: Yeah, yeah. Keep talking, old man.

TIP: When you reach the Salt Mines, climb atop the catwalk platform to shoot enemies from above.


Ghost: That elevator should take us to the top of the mines.

Note: Press TAB for the Ghost to mark the elevator’s location. When you get there, press (E) to Call the Elevator.


Ghost: We’ll have to find another way up to Hawthorne.

NOTE: The Elevator will crash down. You will have to find another way to get up the Salt Mine. To the Right of the Elevator switch, is a nearby Gate. Approach the Gate switch on the lower-left side of the Gate. Press (E) to open the Gate.


Devrim: Careful. The Fallen are scavengers of the highest order. They’re going to put up a fight for whatever they can get their grubby claws on.

Press TAB to find your new destination marker.


NOTE: You will find a bunch of Fallen dregs, and a Captain. After you kill them, press TAB to find the exit.


Jump across the broken bridge to interact with some controls.


Ghost: All the controls are broken. Someone must have gotten mad that it wasn’t working fast enough. Reminds me of Cayde.

NOTE: Drop down, and follow the tunnel. You will have to crouch. Shortly after, the marker points to the ground next to a skeleton. Pick up the Sniper Rifle by pressing (E).


Going forward you will come across a cliff and a deep way down. Flying Shank will shoot at you. Eliminate them before going down.


Go down to kill the Fallen Dregs and Vandal. Press the TAB. You will notice the marker says you have to go down the abyss. Don’t worry about jumping down. Just walk around the edge. It is a spiral ramp leading you downwards. Follow the teal cable to lead you safely.


NOTE: At this point, you enter a dark cavern and the flashlight is turned on automatically. There are four Shank (flying robots) awaiting. Afterwards, there is another deep abyss. Keep walking along the ledge to the right, and try to jump down to nearby ledges.


Devrim: Ah! You’ll be pleased to know that I can see the Fallen fleeing the mine. Seems you’ve really kicked the hornet’s nest, haven’t you.

NOTE: Now you will reach a metal doorway with laser-triggered explosives. Aim at the black explosive to detonate it from a safe distance. The next room has multiple laser-triggered explosives. You can either shot the one at the top-left to cause a chain reaction, or throw a grenade to lit them all up.


Two rooms away, the Ghost marker onscreen points to the Elevator objective. Press (E) when you are standing next to the Elevator switch.

Ghost: We found an elevator.

Hawthorne: You’re good. Almost as good as Louis!


NOTE: This triggers an event with a few waves of enemies coming toward you. Use the blocks to hide and shoot. The flyers bombard you heavily from afar.

Ghost: Elevator’s not working. Power must be out. And we’ve upset the Fallen.

NOTE: Bunch of Fallen dreg and vandal will come at you, as well as the flying type: Servitor (purple flying orb-bots) and shank.


The last boss is Kiriks-16 (a Servitor). Killing him ends the event.


Ghost: That did it. Killing the Servitor brought the power back on.

Hawthorne: Good job! Maybe I’ll finally get my booster one of these days.

NOTE: Head back to the Elevator. It is open. The Elevator gates will automatically close when you are inside. It will slowly rise to the top level of the Salt Mines. However, Servitors will start shooting at you as the elevator climbs up. Kill them before you get overwhelmed by too many. Some Dreg are far on catwalks as the Elevator climbs. Shoot them as well. If you are a Titan, you can just press (V) to create a Barrier.


Once the Elevator reaches the top, there is no more enemies. Just go downhill and approach Hawthorne.

Ghost: Hawthorne, we’re out of the mine and heading your way.

Hawthorne: Then hurry up with that booster. Let’s finish hooking up the comm network. And, uh, thanks for the help. You’re not so bad… for a fancy-pants Guardian.

Devrim: Now that’s the nicest thing I’ve ever heard Suraya say. You’re in rarified air, my friend.


NOTE: Approaching Hawthorne triggers a cinematic.

Hawthorne: You made it! Looks like Louis owes me money! All right, let’s see if this works. Now if I read the manual right… There’s an incoming beacon…


Zavala: Guardians… the City is lost… if there is any Light left in the system, we rally on Titan. Be brave.

Ghost: Zavala’s alive? If we leave now, we can–

Hawthorne: You are not going to Titan! We’ve got refugees coming in, the Red Legion on one side, the Fallen on the other-

Ghost: But we have our powers back! And if we’re going to retake the City-

Hawthorne: Your City is GONE!

Ghost: Hawthorne. We will be back. And we won’t be alone.

Hawthorne: You’ll know where to find me.



1. Homecoming, The Last City2. Immortal, Command Ship
3. Adieu, Exodus4. The Farm (NPC Exploration)
5. Spark, Shard of the Traveler6. The New Frontier – Trostland
7. Combustion, Salt Mines
8. Shard of the TravelerClick the TITAN tab to continue
17. Payback18. Unbroken
19. Larceny20. 1AU
12. Looped, Artifact's Edge13. Six, Exodus Black
14. FailsafeClick the IO Tab to Continue
15. Sacrilege16. FuryPRESS THE EARTH TAB TO CONTINUE: #17

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