Destiny 2 Campaign (Part 8): Hope, Secure the Control Center


Speaker: It would save us both a lot of time if you would just kill me.

Ghaul: For one who calls himself “Speaker”… you have remarkably little to say. We’ve learned that one of your Guardians has reconnected to the Light. You say you have no power over the Traveler, yet… this. Help me understand, Speaker.

Speaker: The Light lives in all places… in all things… You can block it… even try to trap it. But the Light will find its way. And the Traveler will protect itself.

Ghaul: The Traveler… For years, I have studied it… the worlds it has touched… its power over life and death. We are not so different… your Traveler and I.

Speaker: You are nothing like the Traveler. NOTHING. You think you have power. Control. I know your kind. You started small… you will end small.

Ghaul: If the Traveler truly has chosen humanity of its own free will… then there is no reason I should not reach inside… tear out the Light for myself, and leave this system in ashes!

Speaker: Only those the Traveler chooses will be reborn in the Light.

Ghaul: Yes. This I know. This is why I have claimed your planet, and why you still live. The Traveler WiLL choose me, Speaker. And you are going to tell me how.




Titan is a moon of Saturn. It was colonized in the Golden Age and abandoned during the Collapse. Great arcologies full of long-lost knowledge and treasure are now slowly sinking into deep methane oceans. Use the Director to travel to Titan and find Zavala.


Ghost: If Zavala really is building a counteroffensive on Titan, we can save them all, and take back the City.


Ghost: Vanguard Fleet: Guardian Ship seven-two-three is on approach. We received your beacon, and we’re ready to join the fight.

Zavala: Guardian Ship, this is Zavala. It’s too late. The Hive have overrun Titan. I was wrong to bring us here…


Secure the Control Center

Location: Sinking Docks

Jump across the gap.


Ghost: Commander, we’re here to help.

Zavala: No! We’ve already lost too many Lightless Guardians to the Hive. We can’t secure this moon.

Ghost: We have our Light back.

Zavala: What? Impossible.

Sloane: Commander, if I may? Guardian, this is Deputy Commander Sloane. We have a counter-offensive to plan. To do that, we need to get this station up and running. There’s a fleet to prep, Guardians to arm, and a trove of intercepted Red Legion transmissions to decrypt. It’s critical we gain access to the station’s Control Center. That’s where you come in. If the Light really is with you, send the Hive back to hell.

Zavala: And Guardian… Please. Be careful.

NEW OBJECTIVE: Secure the Control Center
Follow Sloane’s coordinates to the Control Center.

Jump the gap of the next floating dock (Stormvogel 02).


The next part is kinda fun, where you have to jump to catwalks and pipes to make your way to the Command Center. Jump to this catwalk on the pillar.


Then follow this next screenshot’s path.


After the last jump, reach the end of the catwalk, and turn around. The door is covered by dried organic goo. Press your melee keybind to punch it. Now you have to jump and climb your way up the room to the top for the exit. The door is also blocked by the dried organic goo. Melee punch it to break it.


Ghost: What was this place?

Zavala: The Golden Age cities of Titan were once the pride of humanity. We thought they were abandoned. But I was a fool to think the Hive would not spread this far.

Jump on the red pipeline, and walk down the catwalk toward the marked location in the second screenshot shown below. Jump the gap to reach the next building. It is going to be a long jump. For this you need to stand a few yards away from the ledge of the catwalk, press down SPRINT and jump twice to be able to reach the other side.


Ghost: I have a bad feeling about this…

A wave of 8 Thralls emerge and attack you in melee range. Shoot them, or punch them when you need to reload. You can walk backwards and shoot as well.


Turning right, the next room has another 8 Thralls coming at you. Another right, and the next room is too brutal having all 8 Thralls jumping on you. It is a good idea to use your Super ability by pressing (F).


Leaving that room takes you outside the building. You need to jump up across a uneven gap to the next dock platform.


Turn to your left. The stair is broken. Jump up to the catwalk.


Ghost: OK, Sloane. We can see the Control Center.

Sloane: Copy that. Keep pushing forward. Commander. At this rate, we can start planning our counter-offensive. We’ll be outside the City gates in no time.

Zavala: Hmm. If it were only that simple.

You have to jump to gap, and the next catwalk is a long jump that requires a SPRINT and dual-jump.


You enter now Bay 3. There are 9 Acolytes awaiting.


You will come across a deadend with a massive fan on the ground. You have to jump down through the fan.


You will be confronted by 3 Acolytes, and as you move into the room a wave of 6 Thralls engage you in melee range.


Up the stairs, there are 4 Acolytes, then you reach the stairs shown in the screenshot below. At the top, jump the gap:


Back inside Bay 3, there are 3 Thralls lunging at you, 2 Knights, 10 Acolytes.


Ghost: It looked like the Hive were performing some kind of… ritual. We should talk to Ikora. She knows all there is to know about Hive magic.

Zavala: No one has seen Ikora or Cayde since the City fell.

NOTE: You come across a narrow catwalk corridor. It’s broken at the center. Jump the gap.


LOCATION: Siren’s Watch

You enter a room in Siren’s Watch, and pick a weapon from the table by pressing (E).


Walking near the door, opens the exit into Siren’s Watch bay. A wave of 6 Thralls will lunge at you in melee range. There are 2 Knight, and 8 Acolytes after that.

Ghost: We made it, Sloane.

Sloane: Perfect. Recon the perimeter before you move on the Control Center.


NEW OBJECTIVE: Clear out the Hive breeding ground
Sacs destroyed: 0%

Press (E) to get the Ghost to mark the destination onscreen with a diamond mark. You will enter a narrow room. Destroy all the yellow sacs. 8 Thralls will lunge at you in melee range. Inside the room there are 8 Acolytes and 4 Knights.


Ghost: So it looks like we’re standing in some kind of Hive breeding ground.

Sloane: Take it out.

Ghost: We cleared out the nest. Heading to the Control Center now.

Sloane: Well done. Sweep the perimeter, and we’ll move in on your signal.

NOTE: Stay in the nest room and go back at its stair. To the left of the stair, as you came up, there is a purple flashing-light. Approach it until the (E) Investigate shows up onscreen.


Ghost: A broken Servitor. These parts are extremely valuable. The Hive corrosion must be really bad for the Fallen to abandon it like this.

There are 10 Acolytes and 1 Knight remaining in the next room upstairs. When all are dead, press (E) to let the Ghost mark your destination.

As you reach the exit, the music changes and you are surrounded by Hive forces (approximately over 20). Don’t rush in. Use the crates and all objects for cover. There are more and more forces all around, including an elite mini-boss: Ubara, Hive Prince. Killing him ends the objective.


Ghost: Sloane. Commander. It’s done.

Sloane: Copy that. Zavala and I are inbound.


NEW OBJECTIVE: Rendezvous with Zavala

Press (E) to let the Ghost mark your destination. It is a door labeled a79. As you approach it, Press (E) to Access Control Center. The door opens.


Sloane: We’re approaching the landing platform. Get up here, and take a bow.

NOTE: Go upstairs all the way, and exit the room to the outdoors. Then go right along the catwalk. The screen goes black.



Zavala: I didn’t dare believe… if the Light can find its way back to you, then perhaps there is hope for us all. Our numbers will continue to dwindle. We can no longer protect ourselves, much less the survivors. And without the Light… are we even Guardians anymore?

Ghost: Commander.

Zavala: We won’t last long with dead generators. Wave Energy Converters power this station. But thanks to the Hive, they’re in need of… attention.

Ghost: We can take care of it.

Zavala: Yes. I believe you can.


1. Homecoming, The Last City2. Immortal, Command Ship
3. Adieu, Exodus4. The Farm (NPC Exploration)
5. Spark, Shard of the Traveler6. The New Frontier – Trostland
7. Combustion, Salt Mines
8. Shard of the TravelerClick the TITAN tab to continue
17. Payback18. Unbroken
19. Larceny20. 1AU
12. Looped, Artifact's Edge13. Six, Exodus Black
14. FailsafeClick the IO Tab to Continue
15. Sacrilege16. FuryPRESS THE EARTH TAB TO CONTINUE: #17

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