Destiny 2 Campaign (Part 9): Riptide

The second mission in the Saturn moon, Titan, is to restore power to the station.



RIPTIDE: Restore power to the station. Go to the generator room and activate the wave energy converters.

Location: Siren’s Watch

Press the (E) button to let your Ghost mark your destination.


Sloane: All right, we’re not out of this yet. Now that we’ve reached the Control Center, we still need to power up the place before we can take care of our Fleet. Commander Zavala tells me you’ve volunteered. I’ll run tactical. Shipwright Holliday here will provide tech support. It’s a straightforward op: get in, flip a switch, get out.

Holliday: Heh. Sloane’s got a way of making things sound easy, doesn’t she?

NOTE: Move forward toward the end of the dock, and turn left into the marked area shown below.


Location: The Rig

Ghost: Did we lead the Fallen here?

Holliday: No. Those vultures have been following us since we evacuated Earth.


Ghost: Sloane, Amanda. The Hive have infected everything.

Sloane: Holliday, we gotta get you back in the air. We’ll need ongoing aerial threat assessments to keep our perimeter secure.

Holliday: Oh, uh… Yeah, you know my ship took a beating during the evacuation.

Sloane: I’ll bump you to the front of the line for repairs once the lights are back on.

Holliday: Great. Great.

NOTE: Get inside of the building, turn left, and go upstairs.


Location: Tidal Anchor

As you move along the interior catwalk, you reach the Tidal Anchor. Be careful here. The Exploder Shank minion explodes when it dies. Don’t use melee and shoot it from afar. Its explosion will kill nearby enemies: dreg and vandal minions. Turning left, you will find more of them, including another Exploder Shank and a Captain.


Ghost: We can see the wave energy converters from here.

Holliday: Sweet. Now just flip the switch and turn ’em on.

NOTE: When she says this, press (E) to mark the computer terminal, or just look at the screenshot below.


Ghost: Accessing systems now.

Holliday: Ugh. Some of the pistons are moving, but we’re still sitting in the dark.

Ghost: Something went wrong. Pistons must be jammed.

Holliday: Sorry, pal, but you’re gonna have to go out there, rig a workaround.


NEW OBJECTIVE: Figure out what’s wrong with the converters. Make your way out to the converters to perform a manual repair.

To the right of the computer terminal, there is a circular doorway. Don’t go in all the way. A few yards past the door is an explosive mine. It has a glowing red light. Shoot it. Otherwise, it will launch into the air and explode, leaving some sort of expansive electrical field.


There are 4 more explosive mines marking your path. Shoot them. Make sure to walk along the catwalk. Don’t take shortcuts by jumping across (after the second mine)


This is what I meant. Do not jump down to explore the area shown in this screenshot below. It kills you instantly.


The doors open when you approach it, and two Wretch minions are standing behind the door. Turn right, and go downstairs. Careful with the Exploder Shank. It’s a very small room for an explosion in close quarters.


At the exit, to your left is a group of dreg and vandal minions. Use the wall (on the right of the screenshot) to take cover and make individual shots.


After you kill them all, turn around. The back of the room has an amber chrysalis. Approach it and press (E) to investigate.


Ghost: Looks like the Fallen tried to chain it closed. A for Effort, guys, but I’m not sure this is how we’re going to beat the Hive.

NOTE: The next room is blocked by red lasers. These are sensor-guided explosives. Throw a grenade or shoot one of the explosives to trigger a chain reaction.


Enter the room, and to your right there is an interactive organic matter that looks like a worm.


Ghost: It seems like these floating stones mark places where the Hive have weakened the line between our world and theirs. Bet all the weird magic they have out there comes from sources like this.

NOTE: The next room is a deadend. Approach the area seen in the first screenshot below, and jump down.


Like clockwork, the moment you hit the bottom, three Shank, and three dreg start shooting at you. Take cover behind the crates. Don’t rush through the door. There is a proximity mine on the ground.


The next area is a long bridge. You can use the bridge anchors (on the left and right edges) to take cover. At the end of the bridge, there is a shielded captain.


After you kill the dregs and shanks in the bridge, and approach the other end of the bridge, a wave of Cursed Thrall run toward you. Take cover behind the anchors and shoot them. Don’t let them get near you. All of them chain-explode upon death.


Next you will find what looks like an empty bridge, but the high-pitch shriek is a cue that the bridge is full of cloaked minions.


Ghost: Did you hear that?

NOTE: These are cursed thralls — as in the ones that chain-explode upon death, so run back and shoot at a safe distance. They move really slow. They decloak when you reach the middle of the bridge.


At the end of the bridge there are many acolytes and a Knight. After that, you reach a deadend. Press (E) to mark your destination. You will require some jumping.

Ghost: We made it to the converter platforms.


NEW OBJECTIVE: Repair the Converters
Functioning converters: 0/2

Holliday: OK. Get to the stalled pistons, see what’s jamming ’em. Once they’re all moving, we’re in business.

NOTE: Step back, press SPRINT, then do a long jump and another jump at the end for easy landing. The screenshot below shows you where to jump to climb the tower.


Ghost: Oh yea, found the problem. The Hive have gunked up the piston.

NOTE: Shoot the gunk blocking the ramp, and the one covering the piston.


Sloane: Then let’s find a fix.

Ghost: First piston’s good to go. We gave it a power-scrubbing.

Holliday: That’s great and all, but, uh… it’s still pretty dark on this end.

Sloane: Sounds like you got more scrubbing to do, Guardian.

NOTE: Reaching the top of the tower, you come across a broken bridge. You have to be careful not to fall down. Walk slow and look the ground. Jump from platform to platform. There are three platforms, then you hear a high-pitched shriek. An acolyte will start shooting at you. Once in the tower, to the left is a Knight and an acolyte.


You are going now to the bridge behind the Knight you killed. Jump on top of the two crates on the left side of the edge. Aim your camera up where you want to jump.


Press (E) to mark your destination (if in doubt), but it is to your right. There is another broken bridge. Press SPRINT and jump.


There are six acolytes and a Knight after you jump the barricade. You can shoot and melee-punch them.


On the back, take the door and go downstairs to the second piston. Shoot the gunk covering the piston.



Ghost: Final piston is clear.

Holliday: Control Center’s still dark. So it’s gotta be more than a piston problem. Gonna have to get in, futz with the circuit breakers.


NEW OBJECTIVE: Restore power to the station. Go to the central platform to flip the circuit breaker.

Sloane: Try the Central Platform. Everything routes through there.

NOTE: At the exit, downstairs, you will see your destination. You have to jump several times through the broken bridge. Make sure to press SPRINT before jumping.


The last jump at the end of the bridge is extremely difficult, and you might die a couple times attempting to time the jump right. You have to aim your camera above to land on the escalator seen in this screenshot.


Immediately, you will hear a high-pitch shriek. Prepare for an intense event. You are fighting waves of minions and a boss. Stay on the corner to take cover, and shoot them as they come. Don’t waste your Super ability yet. Shoot and melee-punch as needed. In the video, I rushed in with Super Ability and ended up with 10% health. Be smart about it, and kill all the acolytes first. There are probably around 10 Acolytes and 2 Thralls. Then you kill all the Wizards when they are alone.


Make sure to shoot the gunk out of the computer terminals until Sloane talks again. Then press (E) on the switch terminal to Restore Power.

Sloane: Circuit breaker’s going to be around there somewhere. Find it and flip the switch. Just like I said.



Holliday: Yea! Power’s back!

Sloane: Exemplary work, everyone. But we still have to deal with these intercepted enemy transmissions.

MISSION END – Seconds remaining: 10

You will be teleported back to the Command Center. So make sure you have looted everything on the ground after you killed all minions.


1. Homecoming, The Last City2. Immortal, Command Ship
3. Adieu, Exodus4. The Farm (NPC Exploration)
5. Spark, Shard of the Traveler6. The New Frontier – Trostland
7. Combustion, Salt Mines
8. Shard of the TravelerClick the TITAN tab to continue
17. Payback18. Unbroken
19. Larceny20. 1AU
12. Looped, Artifact's Edge13. Six, Exodus Black
14. FailsafeClick the IO Tab to Continue
15. Sacrilege16. FuryPRESS THE EARTH TAB TO CONTINUE: #17

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