Destiny 2 Campaign: Sacrilege (io)

Location: Lost Oasis, Echo Mesa

Since the loss of her Light, Ikora has many questions – and she’s not leaving Io without answers.




Ghost: Io. The whole place hums with energy left behind by the Traveler’s unfinished work. No wonder Guardians consider this site sacred. Now that Cayde is back in the fold, all we need is to find Ikora — make the Vanguard whole again… and bring down the Almighty.


Ikora: Of all the places I’ve been in all the years since my rebirth, this is where I return. The last place the Traveler touched. I came for answers. I stand here still with nothing.

Ghost: Ikora. Zavala is forming a resistance and he believes–

Ikora: What good is a resistance when you are the only one who would survive? I believe this Ghaul creature knows the Traveler blessed this site. I believe he sent his Legion to find something they could never possibly understand. And I believe they will continue to desecrate all we hold sacred. Save this place, Guardian. Do not squander this second chance.


Determine what the Red Legion is doing on Io.
Find the Red Legion Base.

Location: Lost Oasis, io


Ikora: Red Legion ships have been in and out non-stop since I got here. We need to know what they’re doing. Get into that base.

Ghost: Look at the sky! What is that, Ikora?

Ikora: Energy… The Traveler’s energy! What have they done?! This is my fault. I could have stopped this.


Ghost: Ikora, there’s no way! Not without your Light.

Ikora: I am more than just my Light! I could have tried! I should have tried. But… after all these years dying, being reborn, dying again… the Traveler has left me with one life, and I am afraid to lose it.

Ghost: That might happen anyway. Ghaul has a weapon that can blow up our sun.

Ikora: What? Why would he destroy what he’s worked so hard to conquer? Get into that base. There must be answers there.

NOTE: You must go to Terrabase Charon.


Location: Terrabase Charon

Ghost: Looks like the Legion’s packing up, Ikora.

Ikora: Find out what they’re shipping. We need every scrap of intel we can get.


Determine what the Red Legion is doing on Io.
Find your way into the base.

Ghost: The blue substance oozing from the cracks in the gorund — that’s the Traveler’s raw energy. Those tubes are full of energy.


Location: The Wraith Mines

Ghost: Everyone’s gone.

Ikora: Keep looking. It’s not like the Cabal to invest so much in a base, and just abandon it.


Explore the base to learn more about Red Legion operations.

Ghost: We’re coming up on a big drill.


Ikora: A drill? Are they mining the Traveler’s energy? No! It’s not Light. It can’t give the Traveler’s blessing. Not to me, not to Ghaul — Or could it?

Ghost: Ikora–

Ikora: What do you see?

Ghost: I don’t know. Dimensional rifts, some kind of magic…

Ikora: The Taken!


Defend yourself against the Taken

NOTE: Take cover behind rocks to dodge the Taken’s shots.


Ghost: What were those things?

Ikora: The Taken. A mindless army of stolen souls. They will forever be drawn to the Traveler’s energy. They are no longer Fallen or Cabal. A Hive god changed them with the dark powers he stole. He– Wait. Is Ghaul’s plan to do the same, but with the Light? That has to be it!


Repel the Taken that have infested the mining tunnels.
Destroy the Wizard feeding on the Traveler’s energy.

Kill all the Taken Psions in the room fast. The Wizard spawns 4 Shadow Thrall every 10 seconds, nonstop. The Shadow Thralls run toward you in melee range. You can use the high-ground platform to shoot them safely, or punch them in the face.

As soon as you have a window of opportunity, press 3 to choose your rocket launcher-type of weapon, and/or use your Super ability . The Wizard will die pretty fast.


Ikora: Ghaul must be mining the Traveler’s remnant energy in the hopes of transforming himself and the Red Legion into wielders of the Light. If he succeeds, he will become immortal. Unstoppable. We have to tell Zavala. Meet me outside.


Rejoin Ikora.
Fight your way out of the base to rejoin Ikora.

NOTE: The next room will spawn Taken Phalanx. These are bulky Taken Cabal. If you come into melee range, they will deploy their energy shield. Run away, and shoot them from a long distance.


NOTE: The next room spawns about 6-8 Taken Thralls. Shoot them or melee punch them as required.

NOTE: On your way to a large chamber with yellow light, a large group of Taken Phalanx and Psions spawn. Use your Super Ability and/or the other guardian ability to kill them quickly.


NOTE: As you exit the mines, there is a heavy number of Taken Phalanx, and Psions outdoors.

Asher: All channels! This is a skyshock alert! Someone or something drew the Taken here!

Ikora: Asher Mir? Is that you?

Asher: Irrelevant! The Taken are sapping the moon’s energy. I hypothesize that Io will implode if someone does not intervene!

Ikora: Guardian, we cannot lose this sacred place. Do what must be done. Stop the Taken.

Ghost: Looks like the Taken are conjuring some kind of portal.

Asher: Stop them! Doubtless, those mindless vermin intend to summon every last one of their spectral friends to devour this moon.


Seal the Taken Portal
Taken Wizards destroyed 0 of 3


NOTE: Press “3” or choose your Heavy-weapon (Rocket Launcher, or big gun) to kill the three Taken Wizards: Wyr, the Taken; Erruk, the Taken; and Norr, the Taken.


Seal the Taken portal

NOTE: Walk toward the big black orb hovering in the air in the center of the crater.

Ghost: There it goes. Looks like we closed the portal.

Asher: Then why am I still seeing abnormal neutrino scattering?

Ghost: Hang on. We’re gonna take a closer look. We definitely didn’t close it.

Asher: Ahh! Remedy this mess, you fools!

NOTE: Four Taken Thralls spawn to attack you in melee range. After those die, Six Taken Psion spawn. Once those die, a boss spawns: Irausk, Herald of Savathun.
Be careful. This boss hurls dark orbs that chase you until they explode. Use the obstacles, rocks, and crates for cover so that this dark orb explodes on their surface instead. Use high-ground to shoot from. He stays inside the crater the entire time. He, however, spawns four Taken Thralls every 15 seconds. Alternate between killing these spawns, and shooting the boss until he dies. Use Super ability, grenades, and rocket launcher-type of weapons as needed.


Ghost: Portal’s closed. We’re clear. Ikora, I know this place is important to you, but…

Ikora: There is nothing for me here on Io. I have one life left to give, and I will give it gladly to stop Ghaul. We leave now.

Asher: Don’t be so hasty. Ikora Rey, we must talk. And as for you, meddling Guardian, I have a few choice things to say to you.

NOTE: Grab all the loot you can asap. The mission ends shortly and you are teleported away.

Seconds Remaining: 10

1. Homecoming, The Last City2. Immortal, Command Ship
3. Adieu, Exodus4. The Farm (NPC Exploration)
5. Spark, Shard of the Traveler6. The New Frontier – Trostland
7. Combustion, Salt Mines
8. Shard of the TravelerClick the TITAN tab to continue
17. Payback18. Unbroken
19. Larceny20. 1AU
12. Looped, Artifact's Edge13. Six, Exodus Black
14. FailsafeClick the IO Tab to Continue
15. Sacrilege16. FuryPRESS THE EARTH TAB TO CONTINUE: #17

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