Destiny 2 Campaign: Six, Exodus Black

In this mission, you have to rescue Cayde-6 and Failsafe from the Fallen assault at the Exodus Black shipwreck site. Read the transcript after the break.


Location: The Cistern
Nessus, Unstable Centaur

Ghost: Failsafe, we’re at your coordinates. Cayde is stuck inside a Vex portal system. Can you help us find the power source so we can get him out?

Failsafe: Oh yes! By locating the original Vex Teleporter the Cayde Unit used, you can shut down the loop and free him. I can guide you there.

Ghost: OK. So we find this Vex teleporter and shut it down. Easy.

Free Cayde-6 from the Vex teleporter loop.
Find and deactivate the Vex Teleporter to free Cayde-6.


Press TAB to summon the Ghost. Once you get to the marked location (as seen in the image above), turn right into a tunnel. It leads you to the Pools of Luminance.

Ghost: Yecch! What is this stuff?

Failsafe: It’s called Radiolaria. You know, Vex mind fluid!

Ghost: Hmm. This stuff is organic. Seems the Vex are not pure robot.

NOTE: This eerie Radiolarian Fluid does damage per second to you. Jump from platform to platform, and avoid falling into the fluid. It damages about 1/6 of your health per second.


As you get deeper into the cavern, you will come across a sewer tunnel. You have to dual-jump toward it. Try to land on the edge — otherwise you will land in the fluid river as happened to me in the video.


Once you reach the other side of the hole, Vex Harpies engage you in combat. Use the walls and rocks to take cover, and shoot them down. I killed 14.


Ghost: What could have possibly brought Cayde to Nessus?

Failsafe: I know the answer!

Ghost: One: stop listening in on us. Two: what’s the answer?

Failsafe: He asked me not to tell anyone!

After killing those 14 Harpy, press TAB to summon the Ghost Nav Mode. There are two possible paths. You need the Nav Mode to go through the correct one which is to your right, downhill.

This is the incorrect path (uphill).


You go right (downhill) instead.


This path takes you into another Radiolaria fluid river. Jump on the rocks and avoid standing on the fluid.


At the end of the tunnel, to your left is a narrow path that takes you into the Pools of Luminance objective site that triggers an event.


To start the event, simply stand in the center by that giant crystal formation.

Free Cayde-6 from the Vex Teleporter loop.
Investigate the area for signs of the Vex Teleporter.


Failsafe: Warning! Vex threat detected! They are blocking your path to the Cayde unit’s teleporter.

Waves of Vex start descending the ramp. Kill the Fanatic to blow up packs of enemies in a chain reaction, and don’t let these Fanatic get near you. When killed they explode doing area damage, and leave a pool of electric fluid on the ground that do damage over time as well. A Fanatic exploding near you drops your health down to 2/6 easily.


This is the Fanatic’s huge explosion radius and the electric pool they leave afterwards.


I counted approximately 80 Vex targets including 2 minotaur (with shields), Fanatic, Harpy, and Goblin types. Use your Super ability against the two minotaur once all fanatics are clear.


Failsafe: I thought your wholesale destruction of the Vex would make me miss my captain and crew less.

Ghost: Did it?

Failsafe: It did not.


Free Cayde-6 from the Vex Teleporter Loop.
Find the Vex teleporter and take it.

After defeating the two Minotaurs, press TAB for the Ghost Nav Mode. You are going up the ramp.


This tunnel and stairs lead you to the Vex teleporter pad.


Ghost: This is the Vex teleporter?

Failsafe: Yes! The Cayde-6 will want it. You should pick it up!

NOTE: Approach the teleporter until you see this onscreen: (E) Deactivate and Remove.


Cayde-6: Take that, you scrap heap! I’m out, baby! Out! Woo!

Ghost: Cayde! Where are you?

Cayde-6: Hey! You did it! You got me out! Ha! Haha… And… wh-where – where am I?

Failsafe: Cayde Unit, you are near the remains of my reactor core. Welcome to the Exodus Black. Where all your dreams come true.


Rendezvous with Cayde-6.
Find a way out and get to Cayde-6’s location.

NOTE: Press TAB to summon the Ghost Nav Mode. You need to step into this teleporter pad.


Rendezvous with Cayde-6.
Make your way toward the Exodus Black to meet with Cayde-6.

Cayde-6: Seems like you met my new friends, Failsafe and her evil twin, Failsafe.

Ghost: Which is the evil one?

Failsafe: If I had feelings, they would be hurt!

NOTE: After teleporting, jump down to that platform, then turn right toward the diamond mark shown in the image below. Jump across the Radiolaria fluid.


The tunnel leads you outdoors into the Cistern. Turn left at this juncture.


Go uphill until you reach that massive block at the top. Then stop.


Cayde-6: Uh oh. The Fallen’s got the Vex in a tizzy, and by tizzy I mean murderous rampage. I’ll hunker down in the Exodus Black.

Failsafe: Here? But my hull is in 108 pieces. Decks 1 through 20 are buried. And my coolant system – I am a mess.

Cayde-6: Oh, we know, Failsafe. We know.

NOTE: When you reach the top, press TAB again. There is a narrow tunnel to the left.


Failsafe: Intruder alert!

Cayde-6: It’s me! – It’s “the Cayde Unit”?

Failsafe: False. I mean, true. But you are attracting large numbers of Fallen to my position.

Cayde-6: Dagnabbit! Failsafe, they’re shootin’ at me!

Failsafe: Then I advise you not get shot.

NOTE: This path leads you into the Glade of Echoes, where a new objective silently starts. You only know about it if you press TAB for the Nav Mode.


Rendezvous with Cayde-6.
Eliminate Acanthos, Gate Lord.

NOTE: Go downhill and make your way until you come across a giant boss. You will find a large battlefield of Vex fighting Fallen. Basically, if both factions are fighting — don’t engage. They won’t aggro unless you shoot them. Optional. Those who are not fighting, will aggro you on proximity.


Ghost: Is it too much to hope that the Vex and Fallen finish each other off?

Cayde-6: But then you’d miss all the fun!

Ghost: That is a really big Vex.


NOTE: After a few shots, Acanthos teleports away. Keep moving into the battlefield to find him. Kill the Servitors first. These buff up other units with an immune shield. You can also snipe the boss from very far while he is busy fighting the Fallen.


Around 33% health, the boss will teleport again uphill, forcing you to go through more enemies. If they don’t shoot you, you can ignore them.

Ghost: The Gate Lord’s down. Hold on, Cayde, we’re on our way.

Cayde-6: Uh, that’s good to hear, ’cause the Fallen just found us.

Failsafe: Activating defensive shield. The Cayde-6 must stand back.

Cayde-6: Hey, nice one, Failsafe! The Fallen can’t get to us now! That’s – that’s right though, they – they can’t, right? … get to us?

NOTE: After killing the boss Acanthos, go uphill through the wide road.


Rendezvous with Cayde-6.
Make your way toward the Exodus Black to meet with Cayde-6.


Cayde-6: Hey, you probably wanna hustle. I think they just said something about ripping my beautiful horn off my face? My beautiful, beautiful horn.


Rescue Cayde-6 and Failsafe.
Suppress the Fallen around the Exodus Black.

Failsafe: Intruder alert!

Ghost: Ugh. IT’S US!


NOTE: The objective here is to kill all the Fallen units, and the boss: Jaliks, Fallen Captain. After shooting the boss a few times, he will teleport. Immediately, a wave of Shank (flyers) rush you. Use obstacles to hide from their line-of-sight, and shoot from the corners.

Around 66% health, he will teleport away to the far right, by some sort of platform structure. There are many Fallen dreg units in there that you need to kill before resuming the fight with the boss.


First, snipe the ones on high ground before they notice your presence, or they will snipe you instead.


You can use high ground to shoot his head, while at the same time negating his cannon fire due to the angle.


When the boss dies, get near him and press E to pick up his Scorch Cannon.


Head back to the Exodus Black, and use the Scorcher weapon against all enemies in your path. It is a bazooka with 50 ammo. Once you kill them all, Failsafe talks and a new objective appears onscreen.

Failsafe: You have saved us! Updating my crew log.


Rendezvous with Cayde-6.
Find Cayde-6 inside the Exodus Black.


Failsafe: New captain registered. Welcome aboard, Captain!

NOTE: As soon as you go up the stairs into the Exodus Black, a cinematic cutscene plays out.


Cayde-6: Hey-hey! Down, down, down… So it’s true. The Light found its way back to you. Not that I’m jealous or nothin’, but take it easy out there, will ya? You’re making me look bad.

Ghost: What, may we ask, were you going to do with a Vex teleporter?

Cayde-6: Get up close and personal with Ghaul. Put a bullet in his head. Then maybe eat a sandwish. Gotta work out a few kinks first. Fun fact about the Vex tech: not as intuitive as you would think.

Ghost: Cayde, you can’t do this alone.

Cayde-6: The hell I can’t. Ow!

Ghost: (sigh) Even if you manage to kill Ghaul, when the Red Legion leaves a system – defeat or victory – they leave nothing behind.

Cayde-6: The Cabal are bad guys who do bad things. Yes. I get it.

Ghost: I’m sorry, but I do not think you do. The Cabal literally leave nothing behind. They have a weapon that can destroy a star! And it is pointed directly at our sun.

Cayde-6: Hey-hey-hey! Easy, easy, you’re going to blow a bulb.

Ghost: Zavala has a plan. He needs you, Cayde.

Cayde-6: Yes, well Zavala always says he has a plan, but sometimes he just– Wait — Zavala said he needs me? As in, you heard those exact words coming out of Zavala’s mouth?

Ghost: Yes. We did.

Cayde-6: Please tell me you recorded it! Well did Ikora at least hear it?

Ghost: Actually, Zavala lost her after the City fell. We don’t know where she is.

Cayde-6: Io. Io… it’s — it’s where she’d go to look for answers. Hey, um… Thanks. I owe ya one.


1. Homecoming, The Last City2. Immortal, Command Ship
3. Adieu, Exodus4. The Farm (NPC Exploration)
5. Spark, Shard of the Traveler6. The New Frontier – Trostland
7. Combustion, Salt Mines
8. Shard of the TravelerClick the TITAN tab to continue
17. Payback18. Unbroken
19. Larceny20. 1AU
12. Looped, Artifact's Edge13. Six, Exodus Black
14. FailsafeClick the IO Tab to Continue
15. Sacrilege16. FuryPRESS THE EARTH TAB TO CONTINUE: #17

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