Destiny 2 Campaign: Unbroken

Location: Sunken Isles, European Dead Zone (EDZ)

Find Thumos the Unbroken and take the key codes he carries — by any means necessary.



NOTE: You start at the tunnel exit, and need to travel on foot all the way to the front of the starship, while killing a few enemies on your way to the main gate. The easiest path is a straight line.


This image shows the Red Legion icon at the front of the starship. This means you need to go to that large ramp seen on the top-left.


Get to the landing gear, and jump on the platform shown above my weapon’s visor in the following image.


From the platform jump across to the top to reach the long ramp that leads inside the starship.


As soon as you reach the top of the ramp, Cabal enemies spawn from the right and left side of the gate: two Phalanx, two Legionary, one Psion, and one Centurion. There aren’t many places to hide here, so it’s best to use your super ability on the three shielded enemies.


Once you reach the top of the ramp, press TAB to launch the Ghost Nav Mode. On the right, you will see the Red Legion icon. Press E next to the device to start the mission.


Find Thumos, the Unbroken
Board the Red Legion carrier

Ghost: Here we go! We’re in the carrier.

Zavala: Good. Your target is Thumos the Unbroken, one of Ghaul’s chosen. The key codes to his ship are your ticket to the Almighty. Hawthorne had a run-in with him while you were off-planet.

Hawthorne: They’re known as the Blood Guard for a reason. I’d tell you to be careful, but… that didn’t help the last team I sent out.

Zavala: Find the command deck, and you’ll find Thumos the Unbroken.

Hawthorne: And you’ll break him.


Storm the command deck

Location: Echion Hold

Be careful in this area. Don’t charge into this area. It is heavily populated with Red Legion enemies, including War Beast packs, shield-bearing Centurions and Phalanx, Legionary, and Psion (snipers). There are Psion stationed in high ground sniping from afar as well. You can’t see the War Beasts, but they are right there behind the big fuel tank.


Once these are dealt with, up the ramp there are three shield-bearing Phalanx. Charge into melee range and drop a grenade when they are stack together. Optionally, you can try to shoot their legs, or jump a bit and punch them as they try to reposition themselves. Otherwise, you can use your super ability. Careful, though. Not sure where they were hiding but there are a couple snipers either behind them or on the left (out of view).


Up the ramp, there is a Centurion and a few Legionary, Psion, Centurion, and war beasts hidden on the left side. Kill all those before engaging the Centurion. Centurions have a red-orb-like force field that makes them immune to damage. Best way to get rid of their shield is to melee punch them a couple of times.


Locate a console that Ghost can use to find the Red Legion carrier’s schematics.

Ghost: The bridge should be above us. Let’s find a console and dig up the schematics.


Ghost: OK, I’ve got the map. Let’s find Thumos.


Leap through the elevator shaft

NOTE: Behind the console you just clicked you will see a hangar platform lowering down a Vtol ship. Head there.


In the image below, next to my rifle visor you can see two crates. Jump on those crates to reach the top of the Vtol ship.


Ghost: Just try hopping on that ship. We do this all the time.

NOTE: On top of the VTol ship, you will see this doorway into the wall. Step on the VTol’s engine to jump into that opening.


Hawthorne: Careful out there. The team I lost to Thumos — they were good people. Some of my best.

Zavala: Our Guardian can handle it, Hawthorne. It’s what we do.

Hawthorne: It’s what you did. Last I checked, without the Light — you and me? Not so different.

NOTE: As you walk through the long tunnel, to your right a door opens up. Then another long tunnel — and suddenly a door opens revealing a Legionary and three War Beasts charging at you.


NOTE: When you reach the door behind that last pack of enemies, the door doesn’t open.

Ghost: The door is sealed!

Hawthorne: Look around. There’s always another way in.

Push through Red Legion defenses toward the command deck

NOTE: Turn around. Look for these two ventilation panels. Shoot them a few times until both panels are destroyed.


Jump into the vent opening, and inside, turn to your left.


Ghost: Checking the schematics… Got it! Use that vent. It should lead us back to where we need to be.

Hawthorne: Wish I could be out there with you. Pull the trigger myself. For my team.

Zavala: Your time will come, Hawthorne.

Hawthorne: I’m counting on it.

NOTE: When you reach this spot inside the vent system, shoot that vent panel to exit.


NOTE: Jump down, and take cover right away behind the crate. Two Gladiator will come ramming at you with their axes. Melee punching them stuns them briefly.


Don’t charge into the room. There are a couple Legionary and four Psion (snipers). Afterwards, jump on the catwalk for high-ground safety.


From the catwalk you can shoot down four Legionary, four psion, and one Phalanx. If the Phalanx extends his force-field come into melee range and drop a grenade to wreck them. Don’t use your super ability. You will need it a few seconds later for a mini-boss.


Beyond this point, the two Psion snipers on the top-left and top-right will aim their lasers at you.


Above the ramp, there is a yellow-bar mini-boss: Blood Guard Centurion — which means he will enable his red-orb force field for damage immunity. Shooting this sucker is a waste of bullets. He got too much health. Use your super ability, or a grenade in melee range. He is briefly stunned by the grenade damage so you should shoot his head several times until he dies. Warning: Throwing the grenade in melee range will trigger his force field to explode and knock you back far away.


After you kill the Blood Guard Centurion, above where he was standing originally, jump to that high catwalk and head to the right. Go up that tunnel ramp.


Ghost: We’re almost to the hangar.

Hawthorne: By now, Thumos will know you’re coming for him. Expect a welcoming party in there.

NOTE: At the end of the tunnel, there is no door. Shoot both Vent panels to make your way through.


Zavala: Holliday, are you in range for an assist?

Holliday: Swinging back around. Gotta shake a couple of these Red Uglies off my tail first!

NOTE: Jumping down the vent shaft leads to a door. Approach it and it opens by itself. Respawning is restricted.


The hangar is full of Legionary, and Psion. There are two yellow-bar elites: Blood Guard Security. Both have an orb force field around them. You can either use super ability or throw a grenade in melee range and shoot them fast in the head while they are stunned.


Approach the yellow mark and press E to open the hangar.


In this event, Holliday rams through the hangar to assist you in killing several Red Legion forces.

Holliday: Someone order backup? Haha! You better run! Don’t leave the door open if you don’t want me coming in!

NOTE: Kill some of the Psion and Legionary and then head to the right of the door to go up the ramp. The elite is up there. Holliday is having a field day shooting at the other forces with her Vtol.


Holliday: All right, Guardian. I’ve done my part. Now go take care of Thumos for us.

Press TAB for the Ghost Nav Mode, and go through the hangar door, then up the ramp. There are two Psions and a Legionary at the top.

Open the door. Now there are two more Psion and another Legionary. Out of view, behind them is a Blood Guard Exemplar (with an orb force field surrounding him). Throw a grenade in melee range, and shoot his head several times while he is stunned.


The door behind him leads to the ship’s bridge where you fight Thumos.


Thumos spawns at the top of the ramp via an elevator shaft coming up from the ground — and he is not alone.


Took me a while and some watching the video replay to figure out the strategy. Shoot the Blood Guard Close Protection a few times while you are behind an obstacle near Thumos (close range). This will force the Blood Guard Close Protection to eventually stick out his wrist-blade and come ramming head first toward you behind an obstacle.


While Thumos is out of line of sight, melee punch the Blood Guard Close Protection until he dies. As a titan he died in 3 melee punches, and a couple shots. Easy.


You can now safely melee punch the Blood Guard Bulwark. No need to shoot him because of his immune force field. The punch breaks the force field.


With the boss Thumos alone, wait until he lands, run to him in melee range and then go super ability on him. By the time my super ability ended its duration, it had knocked 1/3 off his health bar. (The first image below shows the beginning of the super ability. The second image shows the super ability knocked 1/3 off his health.)


Shortly after he reached 2/3 Health, a new wave of minions spawned behind the bridge’s console and from the ramp in the front of the bridge. Four Psion, two Legionary. Take cover from Thumos to shoot down all minions.

Whenever your grenade is available throw it at him in melee range. It knocks 1/9th off his health. However, be careful when you are in melee range. Sometimes he unsheaths his wrist-blade and charges toward you for a while. Run until he sheaths the blade away. Shoot him when he is airborne.

When Thumos reaches 1/3 Health, a second wave of minions spawns. This time six War Beasts and four Psions in the front of the bridge; and one Gladiator and a couple of Psions in the back of the bridge. Try to melee punch and shoot the War Beasts, and Psions. Only use the grenade and super ability against the boss. Loot everything fast before he dies because then you will only have 10 seconds before being auto-teleported out of the bridge.



Ghost: Whew! Got the key codes, and Thumos is dead. Check and check.

Zavala: Excellent work. Now get to the base, find his ship, and get to the Almighty. We’re counting on you.

Hawthorne: You did a hell of a job, Guardian. I’m going to spread the word — Thumos is gone for good.


Seconds remaining: 10


1. Homecoming, The Last City2. Immortal, Command Ship
3. Adieu, Exodus4. The Farm (NPC Exploration)
5. Spark, Shard of the Traveler6. The New Frontier – Trostland
7. Combustion, Salt Mines
8. Shard of the TravelerClick the TITAN tab to continue
17. Payback18. Unbroken
19. Larceny20. 1AU
12. Looped, Artifact's Edge13. Six, Exodus Black
14. FailsafeClick the IO Tab to Continue
15. Sacrilege16. FuryPRESS THE EARTH TAB TO CONTINUE: #17

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