Destiny 2 NPC Vendor: Tess Everis

Member of the Eververse Trading Co., Tess Everis is an accomplished broker of stylish and highly coveted items procured from the City and beyond. She may be found at The Farm.

Tess Everis sells Engrams (equivalent of Loot Boxes in Overwatch) for 200 Silver at level 20. Engrams contain a small stack of shaders, armor mods, and vanity rewards. Click the tabs below to access the inventory items that can randomly drop in each Engram.



After visiting the Shard of the Traveler and recovering the Light and your powers (around Level 2), you spawn at The Farm. Talk to Emeris again for a follow up.

Tess: What? You thought a bit of apocalypse would shut down Eververse? Not likely. We have two choices, here. Give up, give in – or stand up, brush off the dirt, and face whatever comes… with style. Even in the worst of times, if you look good, you feel good. And this place? … it could use a little glamour. So! What can Eververse do for you today?

      We may have lost the battle, but Tess refuses to give up the war. Visit Tess to browse and purchase cosmetic items and rare goods.


Vendor Content

To navigate the different content, click the buttons below: Armor, Ornaments, Ghost Shells, Emotes, Sparrows, Ships, Shaders, and Mods.

Armor for your current class that may be awarded from Bright Engrams.



Weapon Ornaments used to alter the appearance of your gear and found only in the Bright Engram.


Ghost Shells exclusively awarded from Bright Engrams. Requires level 15.

Emotes occasionally unlocked when opening Bright Engrams. There are three types of Emotes: Exotic, Legendary, and Rare.

Sparrows exclusively awarded from Bright Engrams.







Ships exclusively awarded from Bright Engrams.





Possible shaders found with each Bright Engram opened.

Transmat mods, armor mods, and weapon mods found when opening Bright Emblems.

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