How To Transfer Destiny 2 from to Steam

Blizzard Entertainment sent out an email on August 30, 2019 to inform that Destiny 2 PC players have until October 1 to transfer their game profile and data to Steam.

In order to make a smooth transfer you need to visit this Bungie webpage.

At the top-right corner, click the SIGN link. A drop-down menu pops up. Choose the option.

You will be greeted by a popup window to login into your account page. Enter your username and password. If you have an authenticator or mobile app, you will have to enter the code to authorize the login.

You will also want to login to your Steam account as well. You will then get a Transfer Agreement popup page like this one below:

Now you can transfer your’s Destiny 2 PC game data to your Steam account.

At this point, you are at the step of no return. Do you want to transfer? Say yes — but make sure that is the correct account and Steam account (in case you have multiple accounts).

Your transfer is successfully completed. Wait until October 1 to access your Destiny 2 PC game via the Steam platform.

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