The Farm NPC: Tyra Karn

Tyra Karn is a historian and Cryptarch who decodes engrams and seeks the treasures of humanity’s past.


Tyra escaped the City and found refuge in this camp as well. She, too, lost her connection to the Light and learned you had a vision of the Shard. Tyra cautions you against the danger of the surrounding Dark Forest and your newfound mortality.

Take this gift from Tyra and go talk to the reluctant leader of this camp, Suraya Hawthorne.


Tyra: Oh, I’m glad to see you safe. I am Tyra, Tyra Karan- I’m sorry, have we met before? Losing my connection to the Light has been… disorienting. Now, I understand you seek the Shard of the Traveler. I, too, have dreamt of it.

It’s jagged, broken edge. A wound that never heals. But I do not trust its pull. Like us, the Shard no longer knows the Light; not since the Traveler cast it off during the Collapse. For centuries it has twisted and corrupted everything around it. Where it lies is now a place of death.

If you are determined to go, remember: we Guardians are no longer immortal.



After visiting the Shard of the Traveler and recovering the Light, you return to the Farm. Talk to Tyra again.

Tyra: The dreams have changed. And now I know why! Truly, the Traveler has chosen you! Your Light shines brighter than ever. As a Guardian, my calling has always has always been as historian, not warrior. And I will ensure your great deeds will never be forgotten! I don’t need Light to record your deeds; for a while more, at least. Make no mistake, my friend, we are living through history. And the burden of legacy falls on you. We are the scattered people of a fallen city. You are our last and only hope. Be brave, Guardian.


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